LOOK #1 - casual+SHOPPING

 well, nothing is too BRANDED on me
huh, but still look so0o GOOD rite?
so..we don't always NEED the 'B' word..heh~

yup, this is my outfit yesterday, 
when i and miss Syafiqah went out for 'shopping'
yeah..heard the word S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G  ^_____^
(NOTE: the grin is being drawn bigger..hehe)

it was so00ooo much of FUN!
don't worry dear readers who are crazy bout FASHION,
i will start the entry bout my FASHION ADDICTION soon.......

of course, 


this is the 'makcik' who always with me,
means not only for SHOPPING time, 
gosipping, dieting and of course STUDYING!
(ala macam pahit manis dikongsi bersama...aduiiyaiii...)
will be a special entry for her soon..haha
all things are soon-lor ^__^

and this Single-Mingle-Available lady
trying to be as 'ayu' as she can..heh~
whatever-lah, but i LOVE the look of my eyes,
coz you know why....
i've got the FREE tester+demo 
by the sales girl at the SASA shop
hahahha..yeah i aimed to start using the liquid eyeliner
but still afraid of the result
and as for that day..huhu i don't put any budget on cosmetics
CLOTHES are more important! ^__^

*pss..i have one REQUEST

dear my DEAREST reader, 
do please click the FOLLOW button beside this entry
for me.... T__T
keep on reading my in-famous blog~
...thanks a lot and a lot and lots of LOVE from me...

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