new semester 10/11

huh ~__~
yup i am sighing!
hhahaha..what type of a student i am..?
you should answer that for holiday was over
and now again the time for struggling and busying myself!

as for this semester, i'm taking 18 credits hours
(maybe you are forgetting this, i am an engineering student)
babe, just for your information-lah
i don't meant to show off anything here..huhu you know what i mean rite..

yeahh, i should study more
coz this is my 3rd year last semester will be the last year of my studies..
time flow too fast, huh..
c'mon SUZAI stdy more, sleep less..haha XD

btw, im glad to know that several of my friends
are following my blog..hehe so happy..
THANKS a lot for the supports..

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