Look #231 - Go Classy This Raya with Kebaya and Pario

Salam Ramadhan 7th!

Hey guys, how was your Ramadhan so far? are you in the progress of completing the Ramadhan's missions? truth to be told, im still struggle! May Allah rewards us with good health, space and extra time to gear up our ibadah because recently, i feel that im so much easier to get exhausted. haha obviously, age increasing already affected my body's strength lol

Lets talk about this outfit. OMG i always and always love kebaya! this time around, im wearing a local brand named as BYHISDAISY, a complete set of Kebaya and Sarong Pario. im absolutely in love with this Peach Pink shade as it enhances my feminism. besides, the kebaya's cutting always never fail to make me look slimmer and curvy!

So, beauties if you are still wondering on what to wear for this upcoming eid? here im giving an idea, why don't we "Makes the kebaya great again" by docking on this look on your Raya. haha you may also get the whole family members donning the same look because they have bunch of colours to be chose and guess what?? its only RM195 (NP RM254) per set! head to BYHISDAISY now!  



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  1. Wowwww gojesnyaaa anak menantu....kemain lawaa...
    Bilalah nak kuwuss cenggitu, nak gak pakai kebaya huhuhu


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