Review Merton Hotel Ipoh : memang #hipster habis!

pardon on my Selipar Jamban LOL

Salam and hello travelers!

This staycation happened back on few months ago, specifically on March 2018 and it was for a business trip. there were actually 2 boutique hotels that caught my attention but eventually, Merton Hotel Ipoh yang menjadi pilihan kalbu is because the price offered is within our budget HAHA well, the price is affordable as that standard room cost only RM120.70 per night. Gosh, its unbelievable right? as the interior (as well as the exterior!) looks like a million dollar Wow gitchu....

Nah take a tour on below images

 muka setel kerja looks like this...........

I seriously fallen in love with this Merton Hotel Ipoh. it looks even prettier in real compared to those images in Agoda. trust me, every corner of the hotel is perfectly decor in detailed. you surely can't help yourself from striking few "candid" poses for your instagram updates HAHA yup, definitely an instagrammable hotel! #hipster sangat LOL

Overall, staying one night in here, the Merton Hotel Ipoh was a great experience and definitely worth your RM120.70! honestly, i LOVE 
  • the superbly stunning decor
  • spacious toilet LOL
  • "more than enough" basic amenities provided
  • cleanliness and 
  • friendly staffs
Well, EXCEPT the fact that theres no window, hence it felt suffocating a bit! im not sure about the other type of rooms, you may check with them. oh yar, the management is kind enough in helping to issue a revised receipt (coz i put on a wrong address! LOL) and they even giving prompt response via email. thumbs up! 

Thanks for reading!

Photographed and Written by SizzlingSuzai

25, Jalan Lapangan Symphony, Symphony Business Park Ipoh Malaysia 31350

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