How Can #LiveBetter with STAILOZ INNER HIJAB

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This launching was actually happening on the previous Ramadhan month. im truly sorry for the hiatus and yup this pending post but this is worth of sharing. we were actually having an iftar together while the super friendly STAILOZ team introduce their #LiveBetter products named as TITAN TECH INNER HIJAB collection.

The fully certified TITAN TECH Inner Hijab collection is the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, created by infusing advanced technologies from Japan that can provide long-term health benefits to its wearer.

This exclusive STAILOZ™ technology where Magnetic Titanium is combined with Nano particles and permanently bound into the material fibers to create the Liquid Titanium Polyester fabric used in every piece of STAILOZ™ Inner Hijab. Most perfect hijab choice especially considering the long-hours one wears the hijab.

Some of the benefits :

Stabilizes Bio-electric current in the body. This is a signal required to ensure trillions of cells in your body ‘speak’ to each other to allow the body to move and function normally. This communication is often disturbed when you suffer from stress or exposed to long hours of electromagnetic waves from gadgets such as your computer, tablet or mobile phone. When this signal breaks down, you may start to experience headaches, stiffness in the neck, shoulders and joints as well as unexplained fatigue. TITAN TECH works to stabilize the Bio-electric current in your body with every wear to eliminate such discomfort.

Improves circulation by activating the body’s natural Far Infrared Rays (FIR) emissions upon contact with the skin.

Improves the quality of your sleep as a result of better circulation in the body.

Increases metabolism by regulating hydration in the blood vessels.

Natural detoxification as the Infrared Energy helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Optimizes energy levels with the presence of negative ions, which promote alpha brain waves and enhances brain wave amplitude for higher awareness.

Reduces stress and creates a calming effect because of smoother brain wave signals.

UV Blocking benefits via the fabric’s UVA and UVB blocking properties, which help to reduce the effects of skin ageing, wrinkles, DNA damage and sunburn.

Breathable fabric also wicks moisture outwards to keep you feeling fresh all day.

Anti-Odor and natural deodorization from the fabric prevent the build-up of ammonia and unpleasant odors.

Antibacterial properties in the fabric naturally kills germs.

The non-toxic fabric is suitable for everyday and long-term wear.

The inner hijab comes in two styles : full style and tube style priced at RM99 and RM79 respectively. STAILOZ™ Inner Hijab comes in nine beautiful colors including grey, dark blue in addition to their best-selling black, white or nude colors that can easily match any style and occasion.

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