Chronology of Me missing the flight to London! #SizzlingSuzaiXEurope


Salam and Hi guys! As you all know that i was just coming back from another Europe trip on previous May! Yeyy but not really yeyy haha as in the title, me and my travel buddy missed the flight from Singapore to London...... dot dot dot and the drama continue till our last day, the day 18 when we finally reached Changi from Gatwick.

Anyhow, here is the chronology on how we missed it plus the super hectic and messy processes to finally get our ticket. Omg seriously i was never expecting it could be this ridiculous! We did wanna giving up (many times!) and just going back to KL but Allah has written that our mission need to be accomplished, no matter what! Honestly it stressed us out, we hesitated, we cried but yup we still proceed though!

Please continue reading..

still looking so happy and excited LOL without knowing that lot of drama are waiting LOL


1015, Malaysia
-took billion stars bus from 1U - TBS - Woodlands checkpoint


0300, Seremban
-bus stuck like forever! Dragged about 2hrs from the expected time

0700, Woodlands Checkpoint
-Finally reached the checkpoint where we need to go through the immigration check which supposedly reach there at 5am!

0800 and plus, Singapore
-still stuck in the taxi going to Changi airport where it was already passed the counter check in time (1hr before depart time) our flight is at 9am!
-the Online check in failed from the last few days where we have actually tried our best to connect earlier!

0859, Changi Airport
-Counter is closed and there was no Norwegian staff (at all!) can be seen.
-FYI the information centre said that the Norwegian staff only gonna be at the counter upon check in duration.
-we called them and reconfirm that we CANNOT do anything about the missing flight..

1000, Changi airport
- clueless on whats the best decision, either proceed with other SUPER EXPENSIVE "one way" tix to London or go back home and just forget about everything including all those bookings which already made!

1300+, Changi airport
-finally decided on Vietnam airlines but once we tried to make a booking, all the seats are SOLD OUT!
-fyi, you cannot walk in and buy all the airlines tic need to be purchased from the web!
-we were like super duper down and at this moment i couldnt be positive anymore!

1400+, Changi airport
-finally decided on an ETIHAD flight and transit to British flight to London LGW at 2010 with a cost of RM7,000+ for 2 pax via KIWI.COM
-they claimed that the E-ticket gonna be emailed in 1 or 2 hrs, so we just need to wait as the booking is still in process whilst the Payment already being DEDUCTED from our cc!

1700+, Changi airport
-we still havent heard ANYTHING from KIWI.COM and we are the one who kept on calling them and push them to give us A STATUS which they FAILED to advise!
-the Etihad counter even already open for check in and we're like seeking them to check on our name and the status but sadly, Etihad claimed that theres still NO booking is made under our name and the flight is scheduled at 8.10pm which we only left approx 2 hrs!
-when we called KIWI.COM and the answer is still the same damn "you need to wait because the booking is still in process"

1800, Changi airport
-god dammit !! KIWI.COM claimed the booking is still in process though we only left few minutes before we again gonna miss another flight!!
-its already 6pm and the counter and gate gonna close at 7pm!!! And we are still in an ambigious state.
-finally we are the one whos asking them "now what actually we should do??? Do you think we can make it by 7pm?? You only have few minutes to solve the problem where we look at it like its pointless to wait for an uncertainty!" Then only, KIWI.COM suggest us to Cancel and Refund the booking!
-OMG what kinda service is that? They fail to convincing, they fail to advise and of course they totally fail to come out with a prompt action!

1900+, Changi airport
-obviously, another bye-bye to another good potential flight because actually we need to reach London before 2pm on 18/4/18 because we got another flight to catch at 5pm to Stuttgart!

2000+, Changi airport
-we are at the state of total blank because the refund of RM7k+ is still in ambigious state and now we need to REBOOK another flight that will cost another RM7k+ !!
-our BELOVED, super kind and super supportive friends suggested us to keep on going and book another flight but now DIRECT with the airlines and convincing us that the refund shouldnt be any problem. After about 1hr we do recieived an email from that KIWI.COM reconfirm that they received the cancellation.

finally, we got a boarding pass! the feeling at this moment was so unreal! huhu

2100+, Changi airport
-finally, we are quieing at the Turkish airlines counter to check in for a 1130pm flight to Stuttgart!! Yup we skip and burn everything in London and also cologne!
-Ya Allah the feeling at this stage is undescriable, unbelievable and extremely dehydrating!
-Nah, the only thing in my mind is i really need to work hard once coming back as i owe my friend toooo much!

2335, Changi airport
-we are boarding to Istanbul for a 5hr stop before proceed to Stuttgart, German!

First time boarding on Turkish airlines 

while transit in Istanbul for 2 hours before continuing flying to Stuttgart!


1000, Stuttgart Germany
-Alhamdulillah, we are finally on our way to complete our journey of Western Europe tour!
-im still pondering on whats actually the hikmah behind all this hassles. Ya Allah, please ease everything. amin..

Written by SizzlingSuzai
18th April 2018
on board to Stuttgart, Germany

A truly special shout out to my travel buddy, Cik Pah whos being so patience and so cool with all these drama. im honestly feeling so sorry for making your first Europe tour this bad LOL yet this mission couldn't realized without you babe. huhu thanks again and again, cayang ko and yup i owe you a lot! #MuahBanyakCiked

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  1. Like seriously terlepas plane?? OMG! Anyway, you guys made it thoo. I is jelly! one day I wish I can travel Europe with love one. Hehheee..

  2. I know exactly how its feel! I have similar experience! But mine is missing flight back to Malaysia from Australia. Insanely I was alone figuring out how to get back from Sydney T_T

    Not totally my fault since they change the flight gate.. and their airport practicing the silent airport. Means no announcement. You just have to be aware on the situation.

    I made stupid decision too but
    Alhamdulillah now I'm thankful for the expiriance.


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