Rizman Ruzaini for #GayaKoleksiRaya 2017 Fashionvalet

14.05.17 | Black Box, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Rizman Ruzaini's Raya Collection this year brings forward a fresh, contemporary twist on traditional wear. Designs and silhouettes have been reworked, revitalised with a colour palette that sits between pale and powerful and finished with assortments of embellishments on the mens designs and delicate lace and elegant bows adorned on the womens designs—made for men and women with an impeccable yet daring sense of style

The only designer collection that play with laces (and bows!) and no doubt, they are looking so lavish and elegantly exclusive! perfectly screaming 'Rizman Ruzaini', the duo who well-known designing award-winning dresses for VVIP and famous celebrities. 

What i love the most about this whole collection is they are so practical for Raya, very feminine in terms of the silhouette and the detailing. indeed sometimes less is more right? the pricing is starting with RM599 up to RM1,199 via FASHIONVALET.COM 


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  1. Hehehee,, Macam cuteee je tetiba ada black bow.. tapi dah pakai tudung and cover chest tak nampak la black bow tuu

  2. Wowwwww mint color tu mmg cantik��


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