Gemersik Raya SBUXLosravelda Fashion Show #Raya2017

undeniably, prints is SBU's best signature!

Oh i love this mother-daughter look, its pretty and super cute!

thanks Kakak cyg, Kak Lina stylovisto haha for being my partner-in-crime lol

and Hakiem Rusli, the arising singer sang his 'Segalanya'

big applause to both of these emcees, you guys have done a really great job that night! i have fun! lol

Congratulation and Thanks SBU (or better known as SincerelyByUs) for inviting me to witness their debut of Raya collection. being one of the prior brand that bringing the vendor concept in Malaysia back in 6 years ago, SBU is well-known for their printed scarf collection.

As for this debut, SBU collaborates with the renowned Muslimah boutique, Losravelda which in total of 6 'Baju Raya' have been delicately designed. this Gemersik Raya SBU X Losravelda collection is inclusive of 3 special prints, minimalism in design and classy silhouette. sticking to their signature of floral, the lovely printing is in pastel and base colours that absolutely very synonym to their fans.

The collection is also available for kids aged 1-6 years old. Price ranging from as low as RM179 to RM259. purchase can be made at SBU stores in Shah Alam and Johor Bahru or via the official web at

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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