Grand Launch of PRETTYSUCI.COM The Halal-certified Beauty Hub

“The growth of the global halal market has grown exponentially over recent years and this include consumer needs and brands offering quality, creative beauty and skincare products. We are excited to be a Malaysian initiative that is part of this expanding industry, generally and
specifically bringing attention to the amazing brands we have locally,” said YM Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah.

PRETTYSUCI created by YM Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir

The launch is officiated by KDYTM Tengku Puan Pahang Tunku Hajjah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah. oh gosh i adore her so much!

19.05.17 | Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Congratulation, the latest beauty and skincare online store dedicated to halal-certified products is officially launched. A halal-certified hub with a penchant for beauty, the website offers a selection of products not only from Malaysia but also other brands sourced globally including from Australia, USA, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia providing halal beauty for all.

The brainchild of two entrepreneurs, YM Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir, a bestie whos sharing the same interest, Beauty! they agree to foray into the beauty world started with their popular Prettysuci lip-crème line. The brand recently saw a beautiful collaboration with Malaysia’s Jazz Queen Dato’ Sheila Majid with the birth of Boneka, a limited-edition lip crème. 

Besides, brands such as Make Over and Wardah (Indonesia), Naveen (Taiwan), Amara Halal Cosmetics and Tom’s Of Maine (USA), Kester Black (Australia), Sunwoo (Korea) and Prettysuci, So.Lek, Naelofa, Marcella + Co, Sofina Hal and Imaan Suci (Malaysia) which have mustered huge followings in their respective countries are now expanding their appeal and availability to a bigger audience.

 with the doll, Nora Danish who came and showing her lovely support to PrettySuci

with my cousin, Rita Dato' Sosilawati. we are the familiar faces in every event happened around KL! hahaha

OMG and its ROSSA !!

thanks my dear little brother, Iqmal who accompany me and being my partner at his very best!

Congratulation again and again PRETTYSUCI and thanks for inviting me to be part of your first chapter. we pray for your continuous success insyAllah. hence, the page is officially launched and ready to be drooled over by beauty junkies. here is your one stop centre of Beauty and Faith, PRETTYSUCI.COM

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  1. maaf nak komen sikit sis, boleh ye..

    refer to the 2nd photo above..
    'PRETTYSUCI created by YM Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir'
    saya menjangkakan 2 org pompuan yg belah kanan tulah pemilik yg dimaksudkan..

    produk nama pretty suci dah cantik, target audience utk muslimah yg pentingkan produk suci (& halal) lah kan..
    malangnye pemilik sendiri tak tutup aurat.. kan ker baik kalo diorg dua² tutup aurat dgn sempurna, apa masalah diorg..?

    jual produk suci ni sepatutnye utk tujuan org (muslimah khususnye) mudah nak ibadah, guna produk suci..
    tp tokey sendiri tak 'reflects' kan image diri yg 'suci'..

    p/s: saya rasa KDYTM Tengku Puan Pahang pon wondering, how come these 2 women sells 'product suci' but they present their self like liberal
    tiba² tringat siti kasim, adehhh..

  2. Ku rasakan pudar dalam hati ku. Rasa cinta yang ada untuk dirimu.. Gitewww! You're looking pretty in that red dress sisturrr,
    Comel je kemal teman event2 beauty. Always nice la kemal ni.. Bagus2.. Nora danishh, Jdore here cuteness/beautiness..


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