LOCKA for #GayaKoleksiRaya 2017 Fashionvalet

By Wednesday, May 24, 2017 , ,

14.05.17 | Black Box, Publika Solaris Dutamas

Sassy, sleek and sophisticated are notably the defining features of Locka’s inimitable style. Pieces offered by the label are versatile, wearable works of art. Perched on a nest of its own, Locka's trĂ©s chic and mod approach to clothes have led the label to the forefront of the local fashion rink.

Another collection that is simply lovely and femininely designed for a wearer that concern more on coziness but still looking for a stylish dresses for this upcoming Raya. Starting price as low as RM289 and available via Fashionvalet.Com. Oh my fav is absolutely that 1st look!


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  1. Gigighnya update satu2.. Hehehhee.. Most of the design is simple and wearable for daily style too except for the last one. A bit mysteries giteewwww.. Suitable for grand dinner~


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