Look #272 - Indonesia Modest Fashion

By Saturday, May 20, 2017 ,

Satin scarf / Indah Ederra Tunic / Uniqlo Pants / Vincci shoes and purse

Indeed Indonesia modest wear is a fast-forward one. they always two or three steps ahead from the Malaysia's fashion industry and therefore, doing my clothing shopping at this 'island of Java' is always what i enjoyed the most! well, i've been to quite a number of places in Indonesia; Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Padang and Jogjakarta and shopping was on top of the list! lol

Back to this look, thanks to my dear friend, a designer based in beautiful city of Jogjakarta named as Indah Ederra for this lovely top. OMG red is just my favourite colour as without fail, it regularly looks so good on me! Nah to get astray from the stereotype idea of matching plain top with printed scarf, i opted for a contrast one plus its satin! more interesting right?

Thanks for reading and Happy Weekend peeps! :)



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  1. Merah makngahhh~ Muka tu tak garang tak sah taww~ Hahhaaa..


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