Look #273 - Salam Ramadhan 2017

Salam Ramadhan.. 

"Poor is he who leaves Ramadhan the way he was before"

Alhamdulillah for another Ramadhan, the holy month which all Muslims should looking forward to. what makes Ramadhan so special? in short, i would personally say that the rewards for every good deeds is multiple. hence, we shouldn't miss out this great offer right? admittedly, i did many mistakes and im still doing my very best to 'transform' myself into a better muslimah insyAllah..

Anyhow, this is just a simple sharing and also a reminder to myself.

Dear all, indeed the compulsory ibadah are always compulsory! lets do not skip the terawikh (since we can only perform it during this Ramadhan though!), do it at home if you couldn't make the time to the mosque and yup, lets also wake up and do the sunnah tahajjud! hehe i know this isn't an easy task especially when you sleep late at night lol like me! however, we should atleast give it a try right? people quoted do not sleep and spend more time in sujood during this whole month. yey, lets strive for the better Ramadhan than before :')

A little bit about this dress, i bought it at Padang, Indonesia back in the year of 2013. the elastic material is so comfy and the maxi skirt feels so princessy! haha never fail, please refer to the first shot lol sorry, i don't remember the price tag anymore but i am so sure that it is cheap as i got it at a random market during the visit. hopefully, i could stick with this kinda modesty once the Ramadhan ends huhu pray for the better Suzai, insyAllah :')

Photographed by YusfariqIqmal


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