Look #222 - That Jamie High Rise Skinny Ripped Jeans #TopshopMalaysia

Scarf and Shirt from Primark London / Topshop Jeans / Michael Kors Bag / HM Necklace / Nichii Shoes

I have once shared that every girl needs atleast one White Shirt in her wardrobe and here is mine being repeated all over again. anyhow, that scarf and that ripped jeans are the new item which i just bought at London during my recent visit. Oh i do seriously need to courtesy my buddy for borrowing me that reflected sunnies as it makes the whole thing looks expensive. thanks Faridz! :)

More on the Jamie Jeans from Topshop. specifically, it is the 'Jamie High Rise Skinny Ripped Jeans (Petite)' which explaining that it is comes with an ultra high waistline and ripped lines on both knee area. How to wear a ripped jeans? theres no other choice, as a hijabi, i need to double layered with a legging inside! Oh my what a scarification as Malaysia's humidity is no joke. haha nothing is impossible in fashion though! well, i am super duper loving the elastic material as its really really comfortable. need to agree that it is a buzz-worthy purchased as if i'm not mistaken the price tag is like RM270 plus minus.

Photographed by Yusfariq Iqmal from NYZLifestyle.Com


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  1. Perghh style gilorrr. Bnyk ni posing nak belajar dgn kak suzai


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