#AjlaaGegirls Bonding Time at Pretz n' Beanz Cafe Bangsar

Pretz n' Beanz Cafe
No.9 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Its been while that i didn't write a food review or even sharing on something that smells more personal. sorry guys as i know that lately, i've been focusing on those fashion posts and ignoring the versatility. so here a little bit update of me with my beautiful beautiful blogger buddies, the #AjlaaGegirls. we've known each other from a staycation at the Ajlaa Village months ago. well, thats explaining the groupies name LOL

We're actually throwing a surprised Birthday party for the April babies, Kak Illy Ariffin and Syafiqah Hashim xoxo. thanks Piqah for the venue arrangement and thanks Ayna for being the mastermind and thanks everybody for the lovely cooperation to ensure this 'prank' happened as planned. we decided to gather at the Pretz n' Beanz Bangsar outlet since this is the newest shop and ta-da both the decoration and the foods are really an instagram-worth hehe

 Sesame Sugar Pretzel RM6.90 
  Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel RM6.90 
Parmesan Cheese Pretzel RM8.05 
Basil Cheese Pretzel RM8.05

As the name mentioned, this cafe's specialty is on the Pretzel. basically they serves many kinda pretzel's flavours, toppings and dips. above are some of our orders yet my ultimate favorite is Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. classic and sweet! they served it while its still hot and the bread is tender enough for you to crave it more and more. well, sorry Mr Basil Cheese Pretzel, you are not my cup of tea! hahaha

Bolognese Chicken Spaghetti RM18 
Grilled Fish with Creamy Sauce RM26.50

I need to bitterly admit that im not a good foodies when my favourable pasta is still the bolognese and i can't go with anything too creamy as in that creamy carbonara. hell yeah, all my friends here keep on praising that the Grilled Fish with Creamy Sauce Pasta is one of the best that they have tested and yeah we've even add-on another plate. so i guess, you really should go and taste it!

Royale Salmon Egg Benedict RM29.05
 Champignon Baked Egg RM19.70 
Chicken Hawaiian Pizza (Regular) RM24.35 
 Pepperoni Beef Pizza (Regular) RM25.55 
Caramel Latte Coffee RM13

Personally, Pretz n' Beanz cafe is so fascinating as it able to cater everyone's appetite. the range of their menu is wide and variety inclusive many kinda pretzel (for sho!) & pizza, waffles, cakes & pastries, pasta, toast, soups & salads and All-day Breakfast. hence, you should make your visit although you are not a fan of a pretzel LOL OK seriously, try on that Chicken Hawaiian Pizza as the taste is undeniable scrumptious and that one piece of regular size is enough for 3 to 4 pax. well, RM24.35 divided by 4 means RM6+ per person. absolutely worth your penny!

Food : 4/5
Ambiance : 4/5
Price : 4/5
Location : 3/5 (OMG Parking leyh!OK its a walking distance with BangsarVillage2)

Official Page Pretz n' Beanz | Official FB Pretz n' Beanz

with K Illy and sofeaaaaaa good girl!
beautifully captured with my Canon f/1.8 lens, Mummy Sabby and Marissa good girl jugak!
with my dear leng lui caro and i look like errr... "^^
with Kak Lyza bucuk bucuk hehe gemoknya saya kembali sudah! huh!
with sayang Liyz and Ayue hehe cian Sopia terkepit!
From Left Caroline | Sabrina | Alyza | Syafiqah | Ayue | Ayna | Illy | Liyliz go and pay visit to each of this blogger!

we didn't expect that our bonding would becoming stronger and stronger after the first program together.
we didn't expect that we could trust and rely to each other to express our unsolved blogging matters and to seek advices in the same time.
we didn't expect that we could be so comfortable towards each other.
we didn't expect that we could stay connected and always so tempting to plan on our next gathering! 

From the bottom of my heart, im glad to know each and everyone of you and im so blessed to be part of this clan and i pray that this friendship will last forever amin..hehe lets celebrate those May babies pulak! Thanks guys for reading :)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. truthfully, I am blessed to you each one of you :)

    1. *know (nampak tak datang balik nak check tulis ada salah tak? hahahaa)

  2. Love you Jujai sayang, muah muah muah muah <3

  3. pandai lah u buat poem btw, boleh ganti Rangga! Heee~

  4. wah Sabrina siap pakai heels! dh ada anak kecik still stylo! omg kita yg single ni pun sakit kaki nk pakai heels T_T'

  5. Aicehhh.. takde pun gambar posing dgn kitee.. MAJOKK!


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