Sandra Azwan Bridal 2016 @Twenty2

"After all there is something about a wedding gown prettier than any other gown in the world" Douglas Jerrold

Im truly sorry for this pending but this Exclusive Preview of Sandra Azwan Bridal 2016 " The Wild Orchids" is worth to be shared. on the last 14th April, i was invited to this private event as to witness each of the piece intricately. 

Twenty2, a multi-label store of over 100 Malaysian and Indonesian designer brands; PU3, House of Cosry, Azura Azwa, Button My Buttons and Ria Miranda launches a new category, and this one’s for all the brides to be. Their new bridal section promises to deliver designer quality pieces without the hefty price tag.

The first brand to kick start this category will be designer Sandra Azwan. Well known for his simple yet empowering structured designs, Sandra Azwan has managed to infuse sophistication, elegance and romance in a simple yet breathtaking collection called The White Orchid. This collection consists of modern yet classic silhouette’s that embodies love, purity and beauty. These are translated through baroque inspired patterns, lush fabrics and intricate embellishment.

Left : Encyclia RM880 | Center : Oncidium RM680
Left : Sanderianum RM980 | Center : Dendrobium RM980
exclusive design : Cymbidium (left) RM4380 | Cattleya (center) RM3380

Prices for ‘The White Orchid’ collection starts from RM680 – RM1180, making it extremely affordable. Quality and style were definitely not compromised when looking through their rack of lace embellished fully lined wedding dresses. There will also be 3 couture pieces priced from RM3380 – RM4380 for those who prefer more exquisite designs and intricate detailing with top of the range fabric.

It’s no secret that finding the perfect wedding dress is not an easy task. CEO Elia Izzati states, "Customers who are also brides-to-be were always asking me if we’d be stocking bridal wear. I realized that there was a niche in the market and people were looking for designer dresses that were also kind on their wallets. That’s when I decided to invite local designers to cater to the masses and their needs.”

Available now on Twenty2 - Shopat22.Com

me with my fashion buddies, the #NYZLifestyleCom Neo, Faridz and Yusfariq

Personally, i do really impress on this minimalist concept of the whole collection as you can 'added-on' based on your own liking. some bride-to-be likes it to be glam and over-the-top whilst some others love their dresses to be modest and really really simple. hence, pick the dress that ensembles your style and embellish it based on your interest. done! they successfully cater everyone's need. Congratulation both Sandra Azwan and Twenty2!

Thanks for having me Sandra Azwan :)


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  1. Loving all the lace especially Cymbidium, the sheer sleeves is so pretty... <3


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