Look #214 - The Story Behind This Unbranded Coat

Uniqlo Heattech / Unbranded Coat / HM Jogger / Nike Shoes

The key point is on the coat which i found at a bundle shop in Port Dickson, Malaysia. yup you heard it, its a thrift item and if im not mistaken the price is either RM25 or RM15 woot! woot! haha sorry it was quite sometimes, i don't really remember it yet i am absolutely sure that it didn't exceed RM50. what a great bargain though! definitely will pay a visit again should i plan for another fall/winter vacation.

Then, the jogger is new in here and undeniably, its my current favourite piece in wardrobe. the cutting is just so right contributing to the great comfortability it successfully gave. i did try to look for something similar in all the HM store that i visited but sadly, couldn't find one. already bought like another two joggers yet the feeling is different. huhu what to do?

Say hi! to the new member, Nike training shoes which made for a casual activity. yup not suitable for running as mentioned by the sales person. it is so extremely light and the sole is so very soft that made my 14 days non-stop walking felt so airy and easy! hehe OK i am thinking to elaborate more on a special post, later ah!

Why a sporty look? first reason is because nowadays, im just so into the mood of urban sportswear and i was aiming for a max comfort while traveling. fyi this #ootd was taken in Heaundae Beach of Busan, Korea. thanks for reading, Happy Weekend people. :)

Photographed by TiaJamaludin


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