Korea Trip Day 2 BUSAN : Gamcheon Culture Village and Haeundae Beach

Anyeong Haseyo!

Yeah its a 2nd day post, hence another 12 days left! LOL haha still a long way to go yet i promise i'll complete it slowly and steadily! hehe so here the 2nd day of Busan which to be exact it was the last day as we'll be flying to the next destination, Jeju Island. we intentionally scheduled the flight at 6p.m. so that we could have another whole day to visit few places before departure.

the entrance..
bus station is just in front of the entrance..see im not joking Hujan lebat giler weih stress!
the bus is not hard to be recognized, find this one yar!
ta-da one of the famous spot


Undeniably, this is one of the most renowned tourist attraction in Busan. well this picturesque view of the colourful teeny-weeney little houses is also known as a Korea's 'Santorini of Greece'. this village has been transformed to be a place for those art lovers. colourful and bold murals can be seen on any part of the walls and even the tar road lol as they paint it red! (noted its at the entrance area) please expect to spend atleast 2 hours to mingle around and yup, to photograph yourself at each part of the alleys and buildings. haha seriously they are so impeccable attractive! 

tick tock, time will not wait for you. save money and FLY!
with my dear #TravelBuddy its hard to get two of us in one frame lol thanks dear volunteer!  :')
the bird's-eye view of the whole village. noted that this is not the main lookout point ;'(
so busy with that 'baju hujan' and hujan! lol it was totally a mess!
every angle excites me so much
HAHAHA i have a fan! LOL ajushi po boleh lah HAHA
find this tiny little shop near to the entrance door
and send away some memories back home :)
if I'm not mistaken it cost us 1,000KW per postcard. claim to be sketched by the shop owner himself.

We are damn unlucky as it was raining heavily on that day! repeat after me, HEAVILY! yup it was seriously a bad weather but we can't undo the plan as mentioned that was our last day in Busan. so no back up plan! we proceeded with the frustrated feeling inside as it totally spoilt the whole mood. 

We just walked through the main path and took those few shots and then we really need to move out from there. yup we missed a lot! we missed the highlight points (where you can find each of it by following the map, please ask at the Tourist information counter), we missed the sweet time hanging out at the rooftop cafe, we missed the arts workshops provided (which they are few choices and fyi need to be paid) and we missed the opportunity to strike 'hipster' poses at lot of other captivating murals. huhu and now, i miss the place. gumawuh yo Gamcheon Village for a short beautiful remembrances ;')

spotted a HALAL KEBAB HOUSE !!


As mentioned previously, Busan is well known for its beautiful beaches. one of the famous beach is this Haeundae Beach which actually located 20 minutes walk from our home. similar with the Gwangalli Beach, adjacent is row of restaurants and coffee cafe and i do believe this is also a place for the night-goers. yup, spotted HALAL KEBAB HOUSE in within the shops. it will be on your left if you walk from the Haeundae station towards the beach.

I found nothing interesting in here as we were there during fall where temperature is slightly at 15 degree that preventing people to sunbathing and swimming. it was a cloudy and gloomy day instead. HAHA what a damn unlucky day again! HAHA hence, please schedule your visit during summer if you are planning to enjoy the beach life yar.

How To Go? Stop at Haeundae Metro Station (Exit 5) 10 minutes walk to the end of the road

Duration? 1 hour and it totally depends

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