SWATCH Media Night by Sheraton Hotel

when they spell your complicated name perfectly! 
yours truly..
the starter..not bad
oh gosh medium not fancy this 
you melt my heart like a hot choc LOL haha again im not a fan of choc! lol
but still enjoying every bits of the foods, thanks tho! :)
with my dear Sarah from SmallNhot :)

It was such a pleasure to be invited by Swatch Malaysia for their Media Appreciation night. remember this blogpost ?? so basically 'What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?' is a part of the media. thanks though for this over-whelming collaboration. hehe i do wish for more collabs in future!

Well, the theme of the evening is Simply Red. oh oh coincidentally, me and dear Sarah were wearing the same combo, Red, White and Black. love the photo of us there. as saying by her, Great foods, Great venue and Great companion. by the way, my date of the day is my best best best friend who is carrying her 2nd child. Alhamdulillah. take care babe, thanks for always there for me and i love you Makcik Piqah... :')

Hence, this event ends my 2015

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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