In-Trend : The Cross Body Bag

Undeniably, this is one of my favourite bag. i always prefer to sling my handbag across the body during any casual day as it is constantly convenient and giving a nonchalant vibe to the whole look. should claim that the design is very much inspired by the Chanel Flap Bag in terms of the structured shape and the chain strap. never yet tired of dragging it everywhere although its quite small to accommodate my overloaded stuff LOL. anyhow, its LZD being purchased via LAZADA. noted that the purchased was made long time ago. so, i guess the same type is no more available but you can check on the others which is merely as cool as this.

1 Mochino | 2 Chloe | 3 Christian Louboutin | 4 Furla

Alluring enough? yup those high-end brands are my wishlist! they are all few thousands ringgit except that Furla which is more affordable yet still the price tags are beyond my coverage. huhu the valid reason would be i really need to do a saving within these few months as i am flying to one of my dream city on this coming November! yet at this moment it is far away from the target Waarghhhh! Oh c'mon Suzai, Play hard later, Work (save) hard now! adios


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  1. don't save, just figure a way to earn more! hehe

  2. So far Mira suka sangat backpack. But when mum decided that doesn't really go with my Baju kurung, I got this bag from Charles n Keith that's not too boyish. But the new releases don't really appeal to me. Hmm
    X pernah ada lg sling bag ni. Hmm, maybe I should start looking for one.
    Btw, the header photo is sooooo hot!

  3. hehehheh ISAAC oppa is here! hahahha haiyoo couldnt find any way to earn more, help me lah to get more blogging job! (T.T)

  4. Mira--> aah lg satu bag fav i backpack! hehe ur mom is totally right lah wear the bag depends on your outfit n where u going lah, sometime baju kurung with backpack pon COOL what but nampak cam g sekolah lah haha so, better a lady's bag sket hehe. aah i pon suka CharlesnKeith coz its affordable! tu je yg mampu hahaha


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