STYLE to Steal : How to Wear Tshirt ala Alexa Chung

wrap another shirt around the waist, this is my ultimate crush!
underneath the jacket or any outerwear 
or just leave it like that!
an extra finishing with pedora, boots and cross body bag
a printed pants, err this is more like a sweater but still..
an oversized over a skinny one

Alexa Chung, a British TV presenter, model, fashion icon and she is totally one of my fashion idol! she often named as the best-dressed by lot of fashion mags/webs and occupied the front row of lot of fashion shows. my most impressive tale about her is she is the inspiration of Mulberry's Alexa Bag (thats explaining the name lol). i read the full story long time ago where the designer actually being so inspired when looking at her carrying the men's briefcase and eventually, came out with a bag named after her! and the rest is history. anyhow, i always looking forward for her casual style because they are just so so so effortlessly cool, definitely NOT overdoing, streetstyle and always-ended up-looking-so-stylish! please refer to some of the style shots above.

Photos are not mine. they are courtesy of the owner.


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