Look #189 - How To Transform Into An After-Working-Hour Attire

HM scarf / Topshop sweater / Cotton On Maxi Dress / Nike Shoes / Bag via Zalora

Well i constantly facing this kinda circumstance where i choose to transform my 'formal' outfit to be more casual and relaxed soon after my working hour ended. haha i just don't fancy the reflection of me in a formal attire! yup, i rather go to the ladies and make a little transformation to suit the After-Working-Hour mood everytime an outing happened after 6pm on a weekdays. LOL. hence, i came out with this simple idea. 3 essential items that are definitely screaming casual and will help you to change without much efforts;

1 Fancy Sweater - just wear it as a top of the maxi dress (as shown) / pants
2 Sling Bag  - instead of a tote? or just cross the strap over your body
3 Sport Shoes or Sneakers - replacing the heels!

sorry i didn't capture the 'BEFORE' look yet it almost look like below, my previous look where i pair the same dress with a unbuttoned cardigan and a formal flat. click here for the detailed blogpost. thanks for visiting and hey guys, the Eidulfitri is getting nearer! wish you have a blessing days ahead and yeah i will on-leave starting on tomorrow til Sunday :)

Photographed by SabbyPrue


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