LOOK #8 - FUN formal office attire


scarf from a bazaar in my BELOVED IIUM campus
blouse is my sister's with the brand of Goggle
tapered pants is belong to my mom!
the 4-inch black Vincci heels is mine

hi dearest reader thanks a lot for the increasing number of the followers. hopefully, you guys could spend some of your quality time by reading whatever my babbling here.hhehehehe...THANKS A LOT, kamsahamnida! (^____^)

okeyhh..gurls this entry is obviously dedicated to you as i just wanna share my outfit yesterday. they gave me the theme of FORMAL OFFICE attire. therefore, i came out with the idea of the tapered pants and TUCK IN blouses or any-top-you-own since im dying to wear it as well. (for the fashion blinder, rite now is the tapered pants moment OK~).

honestly, my looks here will be so much better if i add on some accessories which are the skinny leather belt and some random bangles. huh, but i don't own that LOL~ and if you take a look at my other looks, the similar improvement that i can make is ADDING some ACCESSORIES will be more fun! therefore, i think i should go and shop for it...heemmm, .GIMME MONEY LOL..hahhaha..

so, the reason of this dressing is i was attended a press conference of EON credits card. huh...what am i doing there?? hahhahahaha...THAT IS THE SHOCKING and SUPRISING of my next post. sorry, im just too tired right now but i promise you guys, it will make you mouth saying "OMG, she got it?!" hahahhahahhaa...saya suke saya suke saya suke saaannggaaaaaat! (^____^)



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  1. pada akak klu x tuck in lg better kot utk org yg bertudung.. but still nice klu dress up mcm tu.

  2. I'm like super jealous!!!! You WON the phone!!!!

  3. Wahh..tahniah wehh on the winning..huhu..bilalah eden nak monang..hehe..Congrats

  4. thanks guys 4 d wishing n comments ^^


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