LOOK #9 - Biker Chic in a dress!


scarf from Jln TAR
dress stole from my mom's wardrobe
unbranded biker leather jacket from sg. wang
black belt from OU
black Vincci heels



first of all, im so sorry for the veeeerrry loooonng SILENT here. it was due to the so many reasons which are the past few weeks were the busy week for me (as of course i will tell you in my next post ^^) plus i just relieved from the fever and bad headache and plus i just don't get the time and the super excellent INTERNET CONNECTION!

so, as a not-so-fashionista fashion blogger, i started my blogging world as in the context of the FASHION part. this is my outfit for the MUSIC and FASHION event which i have told you before, a MAYSAA event on the last 13th December 2011 that was held at the Solaris Dutamas, K.L.

the theme is as just simple as casual for the high-tea party time but everybody had put their effort and came DRESSED UP and STYLO-milo. haha...so, i just don't want to miss out to be part of all the beauties and fashionista there and i guess im in! ^^

anyhow, will tell you more about the event on the next post and DON'T MISS OUT the chance to 'usha' all the gadis-gadis chantek that i have captured there. i promise you, they are all inspiring! ("o_o)

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  1. hye uolsss i've change my url address


  2. great photos and blog :)
    Marry Christmas!

  3. kita suka evrything u wear time ni!!jelesnye tak pergi mysaa..tapi i manage to get the snood from mysaaa.jgn jeles..hehehehe

  4. thanks a lot BILA ^^
    hahha jeles coz i pg tp xdpt pape pon!! XP


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