Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

By Wednesday, December 08, 2010 , ,

okeyh ok..i know that compare to the featuring song of her with the 3OH!3, STARSTRUCK this one is quite LAPUK already..but hey, it is still number 2 in the TOP 20 chart on the ok!

hehe..whatever it is, this song is MY FAVOURITE TUNE right now and i can't stop singing along whenever i heard it! it got the best pop melody and who doesn't LOVE the sexy-hot-california girl as KATY PERRY?! she's gorgeous, she's sexy and she's talented!

i love her so much!! oh, btw CONGRATULATION to katty and her husband, russel for getting married and as her fan, i hope they will last forever..arghh, you know that divorce in Hollywood is nothing like a game, right?! and there is a news saying that she will rest from the entertainment for a while in order to concentrate on her family if when their baby is born soon.

so, enjoy the song and im sure you guys will love it too~ (^________^)

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