3 Ways to Wear [YOU contest]


hi guys, i have been so busy the past 2 weeks and thats the main reason of the hiatus here. as always im eager to update my blog here since lots of things happened around me but i just cant find the right time...im so sorry (>.<) for all the followers, THANKS A LOT for your support and hopefully you guys keep on checking my blog from time to time yarr..

now,to all fashionista lets together join a contest from this fashion conscious about 3 ways to wear YOU contest at her blog LITTLE FYA 3 ways to wear you contest

the rules are simple:
1-leave your link in the post's comment box
2-be her follower
3-do copy the contest link to be put in your post
4-plz tag one of your friends to join this contest

what you should do?
1-u must tell us what is your one piece favorite, it can be a t-shirt, jeans or skirt depends on you. for example, i choose my chocolate tube dress as my one piece favorite

2-be creative, mix n match ur clothes with the one piece favorite and name ur style, you should have three different style. for example, in look one i wear inner with the tube dress, the second look i wear it as a skirt to create ruffled on my plain shirt and third look i wear it inside a jacket.

3-tell us your favorite trends this season and why you like it

the deadline will be on 18 January 2010

thus, i have chose my FAV grey long cardigan to be style in 3 ways. check on it! ^^


LOOK 1 : as the name of the outfit itself, i wear it as a cardigan with the layers of inner and knitted sweater plus jeans and sneakers as well. so, the theme should be ROCKSTAR YUNA's inspiration kot..hahaha


LOOK 2 : this is the look of feminine and girly. i button up the same grey cardigan to be like a dress and i matched it with a pants and a heels. hemmm...i guess im ready for a date! ^^


LOOK 3 : now, it is a little bit Bohemian feel as i wore the same grey cardigan again that had been tucked in under the maxi skirt. i put on the brown belt to make it more stylish! indeed, you can wear this look to a fashion show by complete the look with a squinned clutch.



huhuuuu...at last i have done this contest and FYA thanks a lot for organizing such an interesting contest. Hopefully, i will be the owner of the MAXI DRESS!! hehhee (^_____^)

lastly, my FAV trends this season should be the everybody-wanna-wear-it HAREM PANTS with the long  military jacket..oh okeyh...plus the killer booties!
okeyhh..im tagging K.YANA (of course ^^) and cik WANIE-CHAN. good luck babes!

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  1. thanx dear 4 joining my contest..
    one more thing left..u shud tell in ur entry ur fav fashion trend dis season..it mention on the 3rd step on what u shud do..

    anyway gud luck^^

    p/s: i love the cardi..is it got the side button?? owhhh

  2. ur most welcome..
    ohh thanks 4 remembering me bout the 3rd step..huhuuu

    p/s:it is a cardigan with the side button! ^^

  3. harem pants...teringin nk try tapi x cukup confidence

    sesuai ke utk yg berbadan bsr dan x berape tgi mcm saye pkai??huhu

  4. hi intan..
    yup at 1st i hv think d same way as u..but when d famous fashionista who is also my schoolmate, Aisyah wore it..i just change my mind! ^^

  5. hello there babe gosh im soooo in love with your third look which yg mcm ala2 bohemian tu auwww cantik gila and pandai u pull off a simple cardigan utk nmpak stylish gila mcm tu.

    i follow u! (:

  6. thanks syafika 4 d comments n following ^^

  7. amin..thanks sue hopefully its true ^^ btw, i love ur style as well..!


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