Gojesh in Orange Contest


okeyhh..i hv been tag by my dearest babe Wanie-chan ^^ for this contest from a blog called as heLow kiTTy^ . lets together join us competing for the contest, what you have to do is write an entry about this contest and upload your BEST PIC IN ORANGE OUTFIT!! opps, make sure it is orange arr as the name of the contest larr..of course there are some rules that you have to follow..


1. blogger yang follow tuan empunya blog serta en bfnya SINI
2. tulis entry dan letak banner kat entry dan sidebar
3. tema OREN wokeh...pastu brief sket pasal pic korang..bgtau jgk ape KALER KESUKAAN korg tau..
4. maksimum gambar yg boleh korg antar hanya DUA keping gambar sahaja..bg link penyertaan korg dlm commentbox contest ni..
5. tag contest kpd 6 orang rakan blogger anda.
6. pemenang akan dipilih dan akan di umumkan selepas terikh tutup penyertaan pada 14 january 2011.

therefore miss RUBY, this is the ONE & ONLY myself in the ORANGE outfit! ("^____^) it was taken during the press conference of EON credit card last month. they gave me the theme of the formal office attire, so i came out with this outfit lol~ i don't know is it gojesh enough or not LOL ^^


talking about my FAV colour, the bright shinny YELLOW is the choice of my heart and i think the reason are because it is fresh, striking and SIZZLING! haha..okeyh..for the tagging :

Liyana Adam ^^
cik Dayah Hussein ^^
cik Ungu jiran sebelah ^^
cik Fathiyah ^^
cik cengkih ^^
cik MONSTER ^^ k.nawal

lastly, thanks Wanie-chan from pat pat siku lipat for tagging me (^____^) and hopefully I'LL BE THE WINNER k..hehehehhe

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  1. cik suzai..akak takde bju oren..hahaha..~

  2. really pleased to join, but cissss kenapa aku xde baju oreng neh.... :((((

  3. k.yana>hahha xp lah klu ade join la dh xd nk wat cmner.. ^^

  4. farihaha-->nk wat camno?? haha sy pon kbetulan je ni..klu x mmg xpnh pakai oren pon! XP

  5. Wah... pandai guna chopsticks ye? Respek! ;-)


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