[Review] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)


first and foremost, F.Y.I im watching this superb effected movie in the 3 Dimensional or 3D! therefore, i have to say it might absolutely effected my review here because it is more realistic, more feeling and more anticipatic! yup, this is the premier screening by the NUFFNANG and it will come out to the cinemas on this coming 9th December 2010. well, actually the 3D version was on the cinemas already meh~

i know all of you are already familiar with the other series of the Chronicles of Narnia neither you are the fans nor not! honestly, i've skipped the Narnia 2, so i jumped straightly from the 1st Narnia to this which is NARNIA 3 already LOL~ hahahha...because im not the fan before i watch this 3rd version okeyhh!

lets get to the point, these are some info about the production:
Directed by Michael Apted
starring by Ben Barnes (the HOT prince Caspian), Skandar Keynes (the cute Edmund) and Georgie Henley (the pretty Lucy) and Will Poulter (the Pevensie's cousin, Eustace)

the story started with their entrance to the world of Narnia from their bedroom by going across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. they met up lot of obstacles along the way which is one of them is they have to fight with their own weaknesses in order for them to reach their goal!

furthermore, there are nothing much i can say here as the film is just TOTALLY ABOUT the differ and weird challenges that they have to face on. thus, you just have to sit and enjoy their 'world' by together sail on their royal big ship across the NARNIA sea.

as for me, the most INTERESTING character that make this movie sooo INTERESTING from the beginning till the end is the arrogant and stubborn Pevensie's cousin, Eustace who then turns into a coward DRAGON who bestfriend with the NARNIA rat! hahhahaha...yup, this is the funniest part and delightful one (^____^). Will Poulter surely had brought this character very well!

honestly, this version is not made up for whom dying to see Susan or Peter because they just appeared on this movie for like 10% only k..so, better change your sight to the HOT PRINCE, prince Caspian! i don't know what else should i review about this since im SATISSFIED with the details of its fantacy world here as well as the 3D effects!

thus, i rate this 'The Chronicles of Narnia 3' as 4.80 out 5 sizzling stars, and i am HIGHLY 100% SURELY RECOMENDED you guys to go and watch this film. it is really WORTH YOUR MONEY.. (^_____^)

btw, NUFFNANG and EON bank had created a small movie screening event at the GSC MID VALLEY before the pre-screening start sharp at 8.45 p.m.


and guess what?? the MC are the cool POP SHUVIT's lead vocalist and rapper MOOTH and the cute DJ Ean..LOVE both of them!


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