VASELINE moist skin celebration last i've got the time to post
this very EXCITING post!
yup, it is the VASELIN party by NUFFNANG
which i have won a pair of invitations
on the last 2nd Oct 2010
hahhahhaa..sorry for the late update
i have got s00ooo00oo much things
to be settle up on the last whole week...
and im just back from my lab 4
yup, doing lab on a FRIDAY night...huh
**TIRED 55%**

lalallalaa...k talking about the event
i am so glad to be there
but i am so LUCKY
to get the goodies bag
and the RM574 SPA VAUCHER!

THANKS A LOT, guys!!

yup the most crucial is
i get to know lots of Nuffnangers
as well as meeting the already famous blogger there!
hehheheee..LOVE it!

with the TehTarikDrinker
he is the Nuffnang blogger of the month!
yup, should get some tips from him lol~ haha

there are my groupies of the evening..hehe
Mimie Keizen Azham Joanne Nana
guys, go and check their blog
as all of them are GREAT!

 with the cute girl ^^ Ka Hee 
(hehehe...i hope it is the rite spelling)

 with the pretty lady here Ms Ave T ^^
CONGRATES of winning the 2nd place yarr!

with the stay-beautiful mommy (am i rite?? ^^) k.Tifa

with the sweet kak...*dot dot*
(opps..sorry i totally forgot her name, 
so i hope she come n visit me here ("~___~)) 

i don't have her link..
but she makes me proud to be a blogger ^^
and she is the adorable YUENNE
i hope she come back here ("~___~)

not to forget huh...
I MET the gorgeous JOJO STRUYS
and the talented YUNA!!!
LOVE her style, LOVE her songs and LOVE her voice..
they both are so0oo friendly although they r a famous celeb! (^___^) so TIRED at this moment
**TIRED 80%**
lets wrap it up
the party was heaven as

the high-class-venue
with the breath-taking view thinking of having a WEDDING reception there XD

the people are all FUN to be mingle with..
love u guys..XOXO (^___^)

the beauties NUFFNANG crew..
by giving this compliment hoping to get another invitation!
hahahhahhaha...jocking larrr


of course the blown away performances
by our local singer and comedian!

and my DATE of the evening
KAK LIN a.k.a iman erkk..hahaha
THANKS A LOT for accompanying me
and be the F.O.C photographer for me
muah3x ^^

this is my very 1st event with NUFFNANG
so i do hope i get the chance
to participate more of ur s00-cool event!

yup yup yup
i've got so much cool photo
to be share here
comin soon..
**TIRED 99.9%**


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  1. jujai!!!!!
    time kasih jugak kat awk sbb ajk akk.
    terharu. ^^

    (boleh tahan jugak ea gmbor2 yg akk amek 2)

    hee. :PP

  2. waaa..bestnye =)
    congratz ye sbb dapat pegi =)

  3. bestnye!!! ruginye saye xpegi...mkn free ek??hehe mkn je saye tanye...

  4. it was sooo nice to meet you too suzai. we should get together sometimes. If you're in Shah Alam, give me a holla! btw, I followed you too!

  5. k.lin-->hehhe thanx back coz teman i n layan i n jd freelance photography i byk tuh..hahah yup tq nice photo berusahala kt bersama ^^

  6. MyaLove--> yup BEST sgt..tq ^^

    teratakindah-->huhu nape ewk pon dpt invitation ke??? ehh d food is nice ade kambeng woooowooo..SEDAP!

    nana-->nice meeting u too ^^ thanks!

    farihah-->hahah xp next contest awk msok lah..^^ t invite sy tau!

    k.tifa-->tq nice meeting u too ^^


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