LOOK #5 - dress me E.L.E.G.A.N.T

night look (hoho ignore the waist area "~__~)

okeyhhhh...i just FINISHED
my Comp Aided Design & manufacturing mid term paper
and the next paper is on this Thursday
plus on every night
in this whole week
i have make-up classes
so thats why lor
i don't have time to update anything here...
**feeling guilty of still POSTING this post**

now the photo,
1st thing 1st is
and secondly is
this is so-so not me lol~

but the theme of this "party" is ELEGENT
and comes with either White, Pink, Yellow or Green
hemmm...white is the choice of mine
since i have kept the white blezer
in the wardrobe over 2 years already meh~

i just bought the white maxi dress
the day before
with the LIMITED budget..
(sengkek tp shopping juge >___<)
i got it for ONLY RM50!
wahahahhaha..reveal it here is a no prob for me
because the important thing is
the look not the price...wookeeeyhhh

k talk about the look
as in my previous entry
with the tittle of maxi dress...
click here
told you about the combination of dress and blezer
and now i demonstrated the look here
with the additional touch of brown belt
actually it is being used
as to COVER the big big fat of my tummy!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...HATE IT HATE IT! ("~___~)

you should be wondering now
about where was these photo been taken..
that is the thing that makes me ss000ooo EXCITED
but not now,
do please wait for the NEXT post!!!!

cee yaa..... (^___^)

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  1. hai dear cantik...boleh la shopping kat topshop since dpaat baucar

  2. farah-->tq dear ^^ huhuhuu..NO topshop T___T i hv chose d SPA..huhu wanna gv it to my mom >___<

    mylitlediary-->thanx a lot for d compliment and FOR COMING INTO my iinfamous blog here ^^

    **..sorry too bz now..will visit u guys later..i promise!

  3. that is really chic and E.L.E.G.E.N.T!

  4. Gorgeous With the belt out syg :) Thumbs up! I loike your confidence in fashion :)

  5. mr.zamri-->thanks a lot ^^ so i guess the concept of elegant was achieved..haha

    cek ayun-->huhuuu..tq yang but i think u r lots more confident in fashion compare to me lor~
    hehhehhee..luv urs also ^^


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