my little touch

Luna Bar
Pacific Regency hotel
Kuala Lumpur

the view is the one that
you can't get enough with..
yup..especially when the night curtain goes down
with the KL Tower is just besides you
(ehhh...penting ker??? hahhaha)
and all the dim light around you..
arghhhhhhh..ROMANTIC nyerrr (^___^)
LOVE it so0oo much!

miss Myra Dolce

miss 'Azlin Iman 
(the highlight isn't this model, 
but the background ok..hahahah sorry k.lin)

miss ME ("^__^)
 (now the highlight is the MODEL itself..hahaha)

the aura of the event is still in me..huh lar!
basically, i just wanna share
those shoot here
a.k.a wanna tell you guys
that how much i LOVE photography!
plus photo editing..
okeyhhh..i used adobe PHOTOSHOP erk..

the SLR is credited to Liyana Adam
thanks a lot kak Yana
I LOOOVE you ^^

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