JYJ Fanmeet in Malaysia

im so sorry bout my hiatus for this whole week
i just don't get the damn connection here
heemmm...yup i don't own any BRUKBAND LOL~
get me one please... ("~___~)

so as the previous entry
said about how much excited i am
to go and meet my JUNSU oppa LIVE..
and yup i wanna talk about that now!

just envy these photo below
F.Y.I their official theme is RED
so ready for the day of REDISH..hehehe

the moment...after we Q for about 2 hours!
my forever soebang..JUNSU OPPA!
specially for Wanie-chan! >__<
dedicated to miss PARK farhin..hahah
the MALAYSIAN cassies..huhuuuuu
they were given their last word..
"thanks for waiting for us and keeping the faith in us!"
yup we still keeping the faith
that 5 of you will back together!!!! (T____T)
with PARK FARHIN..hahahhaha
miss KIM WANIE-chan..hehehhe
 the satisfy feeling here...
still holding the CASSIE baloons tightly till the end..
some official goodies from the showcase!

miss KIM SUZAI...
KIM JUNSU oppa saranghaeyo!
xiah junsu

now you should watch this
their VOICE is GREAT and their dance is SUPERB!

watching this back
bring the tears in my eyes..

junsu oppa,
i was there singing along
and SCREAMING OUT your name!! (T____T)
xiah junsu

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  1. jeles nyer dapat g c2...

    minat ngan mickey yoo chun 2..

    comey nyer die...

    nges kang..

  2. dearest, nana lagi.. nak jugak gambar masa fanmeet ni. please~ academic purposes only!


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