You Again?


this is a story about a 'K'
owhh okeyh..'K' here doesn't mean any stuff
that i have in the past..
but a people who i HATE the most in the past!
'K' is a girl who was in the same school
and same class with me..
and she sat just in front of me lor~

i don't know what we've been arguing with ("~__~)
but she kept disturbing me by:
(should be made in a list..hoho)
 ~taking my stationary and make it hers!
~wore a SMELLY hair oil..urrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh
~kept telling me how great her studies, her life and her blah blah blah
~kept borrowing my text book coz she left it at home
(wanna gv her nanny to read..maybe =P)
~always have the intention to join me and my friend gossiping eerrhhhh..excuse me..
~asking me to change my glass....LOL
(larrr..who the H*LL are you..??!!?)
~yuppp...lots of other ANNOYING things that she had successfully done on me..
but the GREATEST one is..

yup, im wearing a glass
but i always put it under my desk..coz i hate to wear it
one FINE is lost!
arghhhh..of course i was scared of my mom's babbling
so, i panic to the max
i asked the whole class..but nobody know
she just starring at me
who crawling around the class looking for the glass!

next, after few hours
somebody calling me and said that
"eh, suzai your glass is here"
deehhhhhh..what the H*LL that my glass
doing on the top of the class door
(argghh so hard to explain but the thing is..why i WANT TO PUT IT there?!)

i ran to the door as i want to take it larr
huh..i totally FORGOT how short i am
im jumping all around to grab my glass
yarrrr till the whole class laugh at me
no i don't care bout that..but
what i care is..the 'K' laugh is the most disgusting thing i've heard!

hence, i know
this is the 'K' successful achievement in her life
so, i rush to her
and pull out her hair..yarr TO THE MAX
till her screaming been heard by the student discipline office!

cannot forget this 'K'
and the SWEET memories with her
now in the year of 2010
and we both are already the mature 22 lady..
hehehehhe..we are not just fine towards each other but we are friend!
since I AM THE ONE who

The past is our definition.  We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it.  ~Wendell Berry

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  1. hello suzai! =D omg ur fren is so mean! but it's great that u guys are closer now...(i hope...) HAHHA! hope to see u in the gliteratti plus event. u going right? =D

  2. farihah-->hahah yarr layan je dier!

    ms ave-->hehhe time everybody was not mature yet..rite? yar yar we r fine now ^^ hehehe..

    agrhhh u cn knock me coz i read about d event after they started sending the invitation..huuuuuh but still i email them.hopefully they consider it..hararggggggg i wanna join u guys!!!! (~___~)

  3. kapten juliet-->heee me too..hopefully i win the tickets 4 free!!! ^^


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