the youth festival 2010

guys did you know that on the last 15th May 2010
Malaysia is having a NATIONAL YOUTH DAY?!? worry..
you are not alone as i just knew this big thing..
since i am extremely active ONLINE for the pass few weeks ago..
(since this a SHORTSEM, i have lots of FREE time @_@ )

this big festival was organized since the last-last years ago..
but..I REALLY DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA about that!
what WE have to do here is
MAKE SURE that your schedule on this coming 28th, 29th and 30th of MAY were BOOKED!

* this is the details of the event *

DATE : 28th, 29th and 30th May 2010
VENUE : PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

1. MUSIC festival
~ Xpac BATTLE of the BANDS 3
~ HOT FM kita punya concert
~ etc

2. SPORTS festival
~ 5 on 5 FUTSAL championship
~ BASKETBALL national player demo
~ etc

3. DANCE festival
~ Biotherm extream street dance challenge
~ performance & WORKSHOP of Shuffle, B-boy, popping and lots more!
~ etc

4. DISCOVERY festival
~ youth PHOTOGRAPHER of 2010
~  YOYO workshop
~ kickboxing
~ etc

5. SHOPPING festival
(hahahah XD this is my AIMED)
~ lots of LOCAL craft&blogger shop participated!

FEES : * you can simply get a FREE 3 DAYS PASS 
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what are you waiting for..
instead of paying RM20 you just have yo register yourself at the link above
( i have already GOT MY FREE 3 DAYS ACCESS PASS)
and be ready to experience over the 100 EVENTS at 1 ROOF!
to know more about the event
or to register yourself as the participant for the BATTLE of the BANDS, FUTSAL tournament or you wanna join the BAZAAR just visit this official web..!

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