mid term MODE

huh...finally all the TENSION-ness were GONE!
okeyh..i'm talking about the recent program that I handle here in my campus..
the PROGRAM was OKEY..-lah
but the problem is THE COMMITTEES..were SH*T!
oppss..sorry about the bad expression here..
coz i am really really HATE it!
huh..will story it later or sooner or NEVER..
I just soo0oo HAPPY that all those things are FINISH..!

now, lets focus on the mid term..
I have a paper on this coming FRIDAY
a DESICION SCIENCE paper...hemmmm...
and this THURSDAY is my sister's convocation day..
heh heh heh..
CONGRATULATION along for the 2nd time CONVO..
well, i mean the 1st one is her's diploma.. ^_^
don't think about REPEATING a subject..key..
she is an intelligent daughter
since her school time lagih...
akuh nih BESE BESE jer..hi hi hi

should end here..coz my BATTERY is going to say 'LOW'..
SUZAI STOP and start study DS..ngong!

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