Thomas & Uber Cup 2010


to Datuk Lee Chong Wei
You have makes me(the ignorance of this arena)to start LOVING this sport and to put my TRUST on a person named Lee Chong Wei..
i am always believe that our badminton team will make their way to the final round.
well, actually i do not interested in S.P.O.R.T.S but i just can't help it..
i am so0oo EXCITED as everyday i watched the tournament on the TV at the
smelly-and-bad-air-but-not-as-bad-as ASMA' cafe...hahaha...sorry~

so, this is the very 1st time i babble about S.P.O.R.T huh?!
yeahh..obviously & frankly i don't like sport but guys i do L.O.V.E to play it..
i used to represent my school in the NETBALL team till the state level
errr..emm..can be proud of it lor~
heh heh heh..
i admit it im not the FAVORITE player but
i did played for 3 years of my schooling there..
*L.O.V.E netball so much*

now, the reality has to be present..
as you can see my recent photo here,
huhu..i gained so much weights meh~
so much meant SO MUCH.. T_T
no secret-recipes here..
imagine from 52kg to 62kg now..10kg in differ.. i've stopped all the healthy-school activities here!

what to do?
^exercising from a.m to p.m?
^forget that the R.I.C.E words?
^takes some 'JAMU'..emm jamu Mak Dara ker..hah?!
^or call the rich-famous-guy-with-extream-BAD-haircut dr. Romzey?

huh..nowday people are too L.A.Z.Y to work out on their own..
they tend to find the SHORTCUTS..huh (EXCLUDED ME okeyh..)
so..for all the above listed..
^no way for me to forget the R word!
^no way for me to extreame dieting!
^and of coz no JAMU-JAMU please..huuuuu

hence what i did are..
(not concern of the TIME constraint)
^control my eating habit..
^tried very HARD to avoid the RICE during launch..i am succeeded as now i don't ordered any NASI GORENG for the dinner (okeyhh..just the NASI GORENG SOTONG there)
^this the BEST effort that i did..EXERCISE every evening-->4 laps+++
^this sound a little bit SILLY,
i aimed for a SKINNY-washout-jeans!

so..i think let me end here..
girls, i do have the SAME PROBLEMS as yours
but make sure to solve it in a good healthy style
TIME doesn't matter, what crucial here is the LONG-lasting result!

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