UITM convocation 2010

heh heh heh ^_^
obviously the tittle is to attract more reader for this infamous blog!
well, practically and literally
our family did have the connection with this convocation day
since it was my sister's convo day..

frankly,i had skip the Quality Control class
huhu..and i just knew that there is a QUIZ on that morning..ceh~
we've been there from morning till the end of the day..end..
and it was packed with people
of course the other graduated student's BIG family
BIG here means..they tried to bring their relatives as much as they can!
but in the end only 2 V-I-P are allowed to enter the main hall
while the others have to wait outside
yeahhh including me...ALONE..
because we are only 2 siblings..so..
i played by myself lol~
*pity feeling*

but the more the happening..rite..
it was GOOD to see the family gathering there and patiently waiting for the 'graduated student'
and the most is
there is a satisfaction look
on each of the faces there..
okeyhh, at least i graduate.. ~_~

so..the last word here..
pray for my success and hopefully i can graduate with the BEST CGPA as well..amin..
CONGRATES and wish you will success in this worldly life as well as the hereafter..amin.. ^_^

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