NEW MOON addiction

sorry for the late post..
huuu actually I've successfully watched this TWILIGHT saga on the last 3rd December 09!
but as usual you know that I'm kind of a bz person ^_^
1st of all,
I should thanks my 'hang out' friend-->TEHA

as she bought me the movie ticket with d' PREMIER class at GSC SIGNATURE
wahahahhaha..RM15 for the New Moon!
not bad..

and this is my comment bout the film..

hemm...of coz its worthy to spend ur money to watch this 2nd of TWILIGHT..
n also to the next-next of TWILIGHT! >_<
the reason here is the film has its own quality although its juz the story bout 'teenager's LOVE' but u know rite..
TWILIGHT is really a different thing..
i dun think i have 2 explain here..

okay i admit that rite now this film is down to the 2nd place of the Box-Office ranking in US
but still people r crazy bout this VAMPIRE Love-story okeh!
everybody can't wait to watch the next TWILIGHT.. for me..
he is REALLY-really-HOT..!!!!
oppsss sorry Edward i've got to replace u by him..
huuuuu...almost 80% of the film..
TAYLOR is topless n the result is WOOOwwwww..

I'M FALLIN' in LOVE with a guy name

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