By Tuesday, December 01, 2009

my holiday will END in just about 4 days..
n rite now i'm waiting for my result 2 b out
dis moment always makes me so0oo nervous >_<
the time now is 3:45 p.m dat means 15mnt to 4..
the result for IIUM SEM 1 09/10 session is OUT!

k next story lar..
last week, I hv to accompany my sister as she got 3 job interviews..
the reason here is bcoz she didn't know the way hahahha XD
although its still in K.L!
well, actually the thing is since i did my foundation studies there in PJ
so, dats why lor~ u guys know what exactly i wanna post here..
not about my result n not about my sis job hunting story but..
our pictures dat i've edit n i think its super COOL..
check it!

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