my Compaq the end i've got my laptop back..
well actually it just 2 days that it was away from me
but u know that nowadays you can't live withoout it
especially if you are the FACEBOOK addicted
yup, plus the die-hard-fan of the FARMVILLE

below is the words for the FARMVILLE lover..
wahahahaha XD
just imagine you have already plant your whole farm
and on the perfect time you can't havast it...warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

opps..enough for my day dreaming of having a farm!
actually i have format my laptop
coz it was FULL of VIRUSES...hemmmmm
i think i should open a VIRUSES farm
rather that planting...hahahhahaha

so, i hope this will last
hemmm at least 3 months from now..
" wahh beli kasot bajo begs xpe..
tp FORMAT laptop rm30 cannot ^_^ "

" guys, TAKE A REALLY GOOD CARE OF UR own properties..."

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  1. I understand exactly what you are going through. I had dropped my MacBook Pro off of a desk, and damaged the logic board. Apple wanted $600 to fix it, along with an additional $600 to send it to Apple's technicians. I also suggest taking really good care of your laptop, and make sure to back up all the needed information onto a disk or external hard drive. You can never know when your laptop will be gone forever

  2. sorry 4 d late reply
    thanx a lot 4 ur comment
    as well as ur advices here..
    u know what, now my external h/disk was prob..
    i wanna format it but it cannot b detect anymore..
    huuuu wut should i do? T_T


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