MALAY horror film

This trailer is the not-so-new HORROR movie
by Metrowealth comp the end i've got the chance to watch this film at the TGV KLCC
Thanks a lot to k.Ekin and K.farhah ^_^

yuup, this is the latest HORROR movie from malay film production
and I can say that it's not bad
well, actually NOT BAD AT ALL & it's really a scary movie!
this is what I think but based on my friends,
they said that this film is just OKEY :P
dun know what r they thinking of..

this is BETTER than 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' and 'Jangan Tegur'
or whatever 'Jangan' lar..
and the most important is I'm suggesting you guys to watch it at the cinema
coz the sound effect is really good..
hemm..for Malay movie standard lar~
but I think this one can work outside of our country..

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