Reflection of 2017 and Hello 2018!

Jogjakarta, April 2017

Hello 2018!

"His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, "Be" and it is."
Qur'an Ya Sin [36:80]

OMG it is March already!! HAHAHA as usual, im truly apologize for this pending post. anyhow, Welcome 2018, Alhamdulillah for another year of me healthily breathing yet a bitter fact, the age is increasing too! thanks for those whos loyally following this humble blog though it is now lacking in updates. please know that im always trying my best to keep this thing going no matter what! InsyAllah :)

Family and Friends

Alhamdulillah as both my parents are still healthily alive and get to see their face is so much pleasure. thanks Allah! Assuredly, not as healthy as us but they are still manage to drive themselves to anywhere they wanna go. As a working daughter, i admit that i have a limited time for them coz the fact that i stay on my own but please know that i love you, mama and papa and sorry for not always there with either of you.

Talking about lost, Al Fatihah to my dear blogger friend, Shea Rasol (instagram @shearasol) she is a famous muslimah fashion influencer who left us on Jun 2017. She is being loved by lot of people all over the world and undoubtedly, her lost gave a huge impact to all of us. I remember that one time while we having our Coffee session, we shared the same anxious thought about love and relationship! "Jodoh dan Maut itu di tangan Allah and we never know which one will come first..." indeed, she already found the answer. Ya Allah sedihnya... Semoga beliau ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yg beriman yg Allah kasihi amin.. Al Fatihah.

Love and Relationship

HAHAHAHA gosh, im just too tired talking about this! precisely, "Allah knows better" is the only answer that i have. well, let me tell you that one of my 2018 resolution is to FORGET ABOUT MARRIAGE. its not that i don't believe in Allah's will but this is the best way for me to avoid thinking about something that is beyond my control. honestly, its quite hard coz getting marriage is my dream since i was a kid but well, again and again,  "Allah knows better". semoga Suzai redha sepenuhnya amin.. :)


Congratulation Suzai! as this year marked my 5th year (and plus!) working with Benima. HAHA Sayang sangat Benima ni LOL no lie, i was and still freaking busy with all the workloads, being a jetsetter going outstation here and there and you at night i need to deal with all the blogging stuff pulak. Alhamdulillah for the rizk. yup, i shouldn't whining over this right?

Blog and Features

Flashing back to 2017, me and the blog has been featured in few local publishers which i've always never expect one! Alhamdulillah for all the tremendous supports and continuous loves. i do really really appreciate it, a lot!

Being a co-host for WALLA TV by RTM
Featured in GenK by KOSMO
Being a podcaster for AISKACANG #DestinasiYangKool
Being a podcaster for AISKACANG #GengKembara (on-going!)

Travel #SizzlingSuzaiIsFlying

Traveling has become one of my huge passion! i was never expect that my aim to travel to ATLEAST 3 countries in a year could become a reality. so, 2017 started with a trip with my girlfriends kesayangan to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. this was actually my first time travel in a group because normally me and my travel buddy were very comfortable to only 2 of us. hehe Alhamdulillah everything went well and seriously, we had so much of fun! yup, we are looking forward for the next one.

Then, unplanned but not really unplanned, a family vacation to Hong Kong. yup, again Hong Kong! its actually my sister whos temporarily being transferred to Hong Kong, so we took this opportunity to bring our mom there. haha i was not really anticipated at the beginning since obviously, i've been there. nevertheless, i was also quite excited as this is our first family vacation going abroad and the reason that i lost all my HK photos from the previous visit, i knew that this is my only chance to again gaining it back. Alhamdulillah although we (me and my sister) have to deal with so many dramas but yup, family is everything. i feel so relief and so happy as we managed to bring my mom go jalan-jalan kat HK. so, hutang Hong Kong dah bayor now, dia minta Korea pulak! mampos! HAHA

Closing 2017 with another girlfriend's trip to Taiwan. HAHA trust me, again this trip is an unplanned one! yup lot of my friends keep on complaining that why did i always came out with an unexpected plan? why couldn't i let them prepare atleast 5 months before? why did i only give them 2 months to korek the duit and go travel with me? HAHA aiyoo, i don't have the vivid answer to that but i believe it was because that i chased the cheap flight promo and etc etc. so, bear with me dear friends HAHA

Welcome 2018

I promise that i'm gonna make 2018 as simple as possible! and i really need to work extremely hard to pay all my debts HAHA in a proper word, we call it commitments! and of course, how could i forget about travel though? very soon, #SizzlingSuzaiIsFlying to Europe again! OMG im super duper excited, Semoga dipermudahkan segala yang dirancang dan Semoga Allah murahkan lagi rezeki Suzai dan menjemput Suzai ke tanah suci Mekah and Madinah amin.. Thanks for reading guys :')

Oh just please be kind with me, dear 2018.


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