PODCAST BTS : Recording AIS KACANG #DestinasiYangKool

orang cakap "Gaya tu penting!" HAHA

How It All Started?

Salam. First and foremost, this entry contains bahasa rojak a.k.a manglish! haha supaya rasanya lebih close gituh. OK lets begin! im sure soalan pertama yang bermain di minda korang ialah "How this all started?" kan? can i say it just happened? LOL typical sangat but seriously, i texted Pojie questioning on something else, then suddenly he was like "Eh you nak tak buat recording dengan i talking about travel?" I was like "OMG travel is my other passion kot, tak kan tak nak? Nak lah!" without questioning back on what it is all about, i meant show apa? by what station? bla bla bla HAHA because for me, voice recording is totally a NEW experience, i tak pernah buat lagi macam masuk TV dah kan hehe so, great opportunity wouldn't knocking twice wei, so grab it cepat-cepat once you got it!

At first i thought, it is like a dubbing for a travel show LOL HAHA but then mamat ni cakap nak record voice and perlukan masa 2-3 jam dalam 2 days. OMG i memang masalah bila ada event or anything regarding on blog thingy on a working day and during working hours! so, masa tu dok kalut jugak pikir macam mana nak jadikan benda ni reality because i know that this is what i want and i should go for it, yup no matter what! dipendekkan cerita, i applied half day lah tolak cuti akuh yang memang extremely limited tu, sadis! haha

Oh yar, after si Pojie kacak bukak offer tu, it was not as easy as ABC jugak. he asked me to send a demo voice to be submitted to the AIS KACANG team lah but i was in the midst of on-going outstation, traveling from Selangor to N9 to Melaka to Tangkak to Skudai to JB and finally back to KL on the 3rd day. OMG i seriously tengah EXTREMELY BUSY dengan kerja office and super tiring. so, i kept on pending but when he pushed me to send the voice, i determined masuk toilet terus record intro sikit "Hi Saya Suzai, anda masih mendengarkan saya dalam rancangan keeemmmmbara!" LOL and sent to him. few days later, i was officially joining Pojie and the team. Alhamdulillah :)

The Anticipating DAY 1

going formal for the #ootd for DAY 1

it was actually our 2nd meeting LOL awkward moment HAHA

Muka Pojie nerbes HAHA dah la rambut cam bangun tido je! HAHA

me? being the super excited and HAPPY me HAHA

Honestly, when Pojie said the recording will be held at Media Prima, i was like OMG apakah ni sebenarnya? such a big thing lah kan Media Prima kot coz i thought record-record bodoh je kat studio mana-mana HAHA bad me! sorry guys, the thing is when i am too busy, i tend to simplify everything else. so, that morning, i was super excited driving myself to this iconic building in Bandar Utama which actually just nearby to my home in KD and ta-da finally, i was there going inside the Media Prima or we usually called it Sri Pentas TV3. tempat artis artis weih, giler tak excited?! HAHA

You know what?? lagi kelakar actually me and Pojie just recently know each other, we met at this one event and we just like "Hi and Bye" LOL then, we follow each other's IG Blog then become friend in FB, then just liking each other status and photos LOL  thats it! so, here marked our 2nd meeting and it did feel a bit awkward at the beginning HAHA but only for the first 5 minutes je la kot, selepas itu we were chatting like we've known for years. we got that chemistry in blink of an eye gituh HAHA terbaik la partner!

So, 1st day going a bit slow since we both are freshly new to this thing kan. we completed 2 episodes on this day 1. tersasul sasul perkara biasa, lari topik, lari tone haha pon tak boleh jugak coz it will sounds boring nanti then, blur blur ayam sikit. so, byk jugak re-record, insert and discuss balik apa input before start tu.. anyhow, lot of guidances and new knowledge given by si Alif and Hajar. dorang cool giler, tak kerek lansung HAHA and sangat nice. it was sooooo good to know you guys though.


going very nonchalant for the #ootd for DAY 2

HAHA kuda kepang kat sana, still being the nerbes but SUPER TALENTED Pojie :) ikhlas ni!

the duo of #DestinasiYangKool tryin' to be cool too lol

yup all other Media Prima's radio konti are besides each other, kool kan?

the fabulous #AisKacang team, thanks Alif and Hajar. you guys are real nice!

So, we need to finish up all the other 3 episodes on this day 2 by hook or by crook! well, i was very sure we can do that since yesterday was like a warming up session and plus we were more aroused over this final 3 episodes HAHA plus it was about further countries, my fav place, Korea and also Europe! so, that morning we came early and had a breakfast together while discussing what and how we gonna do that certain certain episode. very productive kan mamat ni? HAHA Pojie the Great!

Nothing much, i just enjoying every bit of the moment and doing my very best. who knows nanti HotFM ke KoolFm ke nak cari deejay baru, i boleh jadi! hehe to be honest, this is MY DREAM though to be in konti and doing nothing but TALKING! HAHA coz being the super talkative me, emceeing, hosting and deejay-ing lol are always my dream jobs. memang kalau boleh nak resign permanent job ni, jadi full-time blogger and pursuing my dream job tu but dengan syarat salary nya mampu lah i membayar segala hutang-piutang kan adei haha doakan Suzai dimurahkan rezaki lagi ye amin.. 

Thanks Pojie Kacak!

dey mata mana mata?

Mamat ni macam 'insist' suruh i hantar voice demo tu cepat coz i kept on pending it kan (bukan tak nak tapi x berkesempatan hehe) coz dia cakap, "Suzai im sure we can create a great chemistry. i want you to be part of this" and i was like "Eh bukan kt pernah jumpa pon sekali je ke LOL how did you know? haha" but then............ well, i must admit that me and Pojie got a great chemistry though, macam manis-manis gula gitu HAHA in short it was not hambar lah! dah sudah berjalan sakan di Europe sana tu, balik cepat sini, lets go karaoke HAHA thanks again Pojie for trusting me and yey hope to work with you again and again :)

So, Siapa yang tak kenal lagi Pojie or Fawzy boleh lah visit blog beliau yang awesome tu di pojiegraphy.com and follow also his instagram @pojiegraphy :)

PODCAST Pertama saya #DestinasiYangKool !

click here aiskacang.com.my 

Basically, this podcast is quite a new thing to Malaysian. ramai yang tanya sebenarnya, apa benda AisKacang yg ko dok promot tu Suzai? HAHA its actually an online audio, a series of talk shows (ber episode episode) which you can only listen it via page aiskacang.com.my  or download app dia from Apps Store (apple) or Google Play (Androids)

Our podcast #DestinasiYangKool is actually brought to you by PANASONIC airconditioner #AirThatMovesYou yup thats why tajuk kita pon cool je HAHA so, kita pon bercerita tentang tempat-tempat yang COLD and COOL! pendek-pendek je, setiap episode total adalah 10 minit sahaja and ada 5 episodes kesemuanya.

EPISODE 1 : Dekat je!
EPISODE 2 : Hai, Negara Jiran (Indonesia)
EPISODE 3 : Destinasi Pilihan  Ramai (Korea & Jepun)
EPISODE 4 : Alamak Kena Ada Visa lah!
EPISODE 5 : Exciting Europe!

Indeed, i was having a great and memorable moment recording this, so hopefully you guys pon enjoy lah dengar kami membebel ye. Jemput lah, all episodes dah launched pon. Thanks to everybody especially the person behind this and also Thanks to all, my family, my dear friends, my followers who keep on supporting me. I LOVE YOU all!


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  1. congrats and i doakan you dimurahkan rezeki and that you will be able to pursue your dream! all the best


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