Korea Trip Day 8 SEOUL : KPOP Fans Hunting in Seoul (8 Things You Should Do!)


Obviously, this post is specially dedicated to my KPOP Lovers fellow. HAHA being a die-hard-fan of KPOP since 2007, i've been to numerous KPOP concerts here in Malaysia and Singapore and to be honest, one of the reason that makes me super excited about visiting Korea is doing this KPOP hunting. so, here im listing out the KPOP "places" that ive successfully crossed out and yey you should too!

Anyhow, please know that this is a sequence post from my previous long-tail Korea travelog though you may check on this BUSAN DAY 1 , JEJU DAY 1 or SEOUL DAY 1 Again, in total we spent 12 days in Korea and our final stop was Seoul (6D5N)

WARNING : This post is only relevant to KPOP Freaks HAHA OK Lets PLAY this!

1. K-POP Entertainment Company tour at Gangnam district

JYP Entertainment

Address : JYP Centre, 41, 79-gil Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu Seoul
Kpop Stars (Former and Recent) : JYP Suzy Wonder Girls 2PM 2AM MISS A GOT7

CUBE Entertainment

Address : Already moved to Seongsu district in F2 Building in Seoul.
Kpop Stars (Former and Recent) : 4Minute BEAST Hyuna BTOB APink CLC

meet my Kpop buddies whom i randomly greeted and doing the hunting together! haha  

FNC Entertainment

Address : 111 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Kpop Stars (Former and Recent) : F.T Island Hongki CN Blue AOA N Flying

KPOP madness united us hehe they are seriously so nice!

SM Entertainment

Address : 106-16 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Kpop Stars (Former and Recent) : Super Junior TVXQ Girls Generation EXO Shinee F(x) Red Velvet

You know what? i won't ever forget this memory because it was actually raining heavily, i was alone and LOST! fyi my travel buddy is just not as mad as me LOL so she was just waiting at a cafe whilst im doing this hunting. haha after about an hour of wondering and don't have the idea on where i was at, i just took a cab and asked the ajushi to stop me at JYP. HAHA settled!

Specifically the area is called as Cheongdam-dong in the district of Gangnam and yup, this 4 companies are located close to each other (walking distance). All these giant companies have producing huge name in the KPOP industry and they are as famous as the Kpop groups itself! HAHA because normally we're just fanning the singers or actors without bothering on which company there are working with right? but NOT in the KPOP scene, we idolize the company as much as we idolize those KPOP idols. so, this visit is a must!

How to go? Take train to Apgujeong Rodeo station (exit 6) or Cheongdam station (exit 9)

or kindly visit this blog, Kpoptourguide to Entertainment Company in Gangnam its being written perfectly in detail!

2. Experience K-LIVE at Lotte Fitin (Dongdaemun) 

OMG you definitely need to put this interactive technology place or better called as a Hallyu fantasy land in your itinerary especially if you are a fan of BIG BANG! every details is a KPOP-related, my utmost favourite would be the Hologram concert and the 3D Photobooth. Kyaa!!

Located at the 9th floor and 10th floor of Lotte Fitin Building, this shopping mall is actually a walking distance from DDP building. yup, therefore you may put this place after visiting the DDP and expected to spend about 2 hours (for die-hards) or 30 minutes (for non-kpop fans lol) in here HAHA

How to go?

1. Get off at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 11 or 12, and continue walk to the connected passage. It is connected by an underground path.
2. Jongno 5(o)-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 6. Upon exiting, walk straight for about 1.02km to reach the destination. 

Operation hour? Tuesday to Sunday (1.30pm to 10pm) closed on Monday

3. Watch K-POP Hologram Concert at K-Live!

Watching a real concert is already a common thing to do by all the Kpop freaks. i've even already lost count on the total KPOP concerts i've been attended in Kuala Lumpur and once in Singapore for GD One of A kind World LIVE TOUR. hehe but still this hologram concert EXCITE ME SO MUCH! HAHA i was like the only person that screaming my lungs out in the hall! LOL i guess those families are not a real fan kot? HAHA 

OPTION : or you may visit the K-POP PLAY Museum at Jeju Island and watch that Holographic concert too!

when i was in Jeju!
this is how the holo concert looks like, it feels so real though HAHA die-hards alerts!

How to go?

1. From Jeju (~50 minutes)
2. From Jeju International Airport, take Airport Limousine 600 and disembark at Korea Tourism Organization
3. From Seogwipo (~30 minutes)
Seogwipo Worldcup Stadium, take Airport Limousine 600 and disembark at Korea Tourism Organization

source | source

4. Have Fun at the 5 Floors of SMTOWN COEX Atrium!

OK we had enough of being a V.I.P (fandom name for Big Bang group), now lets switch to E.L.F (Super Junior), EXOtics (EXO), SONEs (Girls Generation), Shawols (Shinee), Inspirit (Infinite) and Aff(x)tion for F(x) and etc who managed by the SM Entertainment label.  

Its actually a 5 floors hall of exhibit and also selling all the KPOP related stuff, you named it; CDs, clothes, sunglasses, makeups, bags, foods and sweets with the idol's face on it! Oh yup need to mention that the merchandise are all the OFFICIAL items. HAHA OFFICIAL items are taken seriously by all the KPOP fans. we won't buy the pirate one!

Im actually didn't have enough time to explore the whole floors as it was actually already dark and i was with my Korean friend. we're planning to have a dinner and catching up. so, here the perfect details shared by Bubble and Candy :)

The 1st Floor is a Lobby
The 2nd Floor is SUM (selling goods)
The 3rd Floor is SMTOWN Studio (trying out idol's makeup, clothes, photo, MV, recording, training etc)
The 4th Floor is SMTOWN LIVErary Cafe
The 5th & 6th Floors which is SMTOWN Theatre (watching Hologram concert and photo zones!)

How to go? Take train and stop at Samseong station (Exit 5 or 6) COEX Mall is in front of it


5. Shop KPOP stuff at the SMTOWN Stardium in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

Again, no wonder SMTOWN well-known for making more money compare to other ent companies because they really know How To Make Money! HAHA see this is another "shop" selling their KPOP artist's tshirts, posters, goods and official merchandises. just a small section (compared to others listed above!) of the D3 Gate of Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

How to go? Take train and get off at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station

6.  Sipping coffee at K-POP Star's cafe

This cube cafe is situated slightly in front of JYP ent building, it was connected to the old Cube ent HQ (cheogdamdong) which is already closed by now. they have moved to a new location and there is a new cafe named as "20 Space". pardon me as this visit was on October 2015! HAHA but the idea is all those ent company building actually owned its own cafe inside. so, go and order your cuppa and cross-fingers that you'd bump onto the idols! HAHA im not that fortunate though, i've seen nobody on my visit LOL Good luck to you!

7. Experience K-POP and K-DRAMA at KBS World

imagining myself as an announcer hehe never did i thought im now being a REAL podcaster!
HAHA this is seriously fun! 

if you're lucky enough, you'd see an idol being interviewed in that radio conti!

Initially, we've dismissed this place in our itinerary but since we suddenly got an extra time, we just proceed. furthermore, NO ENTRANCE FEE to enter yet the only thing need to be considered is this place is quite far from the Seoul city center and even need to walk about more than 20 minutes? from the nearest station, National Assembly Station and you know what? again, it was raining heavily on the day of our visit huhu

"Korean Broadcasting System" or better known as KBS TV by the KDRAMA fans. this broadcasting station had produced several popular drama such Full House, Boys Over Flowers, Sungkyungkwan Scandal and the KBS radio by Super Junior's member named as "Super Junior Kiss The Radio"

How To Go? Take Seoul Subway Line 9 to National Assembly Station, Exit 4 source

8. K-POP CD and Merchandises Hunting at Myeondong Underground Station

the EASIEST WAY is to enter from the exit 6!

and here is my haul, total lost is rm300+ HAHA

Nah being a KPOP freak won't complete if you are not collecting the albums! HAHA serious wei! its extremely important to all the fans to buy the original and OFFICIAL merchandises because this is the way we show the supports of their hardworks and contribute to their profits. besides, you should also know that each of the album comes with interesting packaging and photo gallery. if you are lucky enough, you'd also get the OFFICIAL and LIMITED poster!

So, this underground shop is recommended by many! couldn't agree more to the fact that the price is cheaper, its about 40% less compared to Malaysian's market. i remember that i become super excited (not new right? lol)  till i was feeling like wanna buy all of them HAHA thank God i manage to handle that urge LOL

How To Go? Go and find EXIT 6

Disclaimer :

Writing this on 12.2.18. Im not so sure on the valid reason but to be honest KPOP nowadays is so boring! i have stop following the updates since lot of my favourite KPOP idols have been disbanded. it torn my heart into pieces seeing theres no more 2NE1 4MINUTE SISTAR BEAST MISS A and etc. 2017 is not just the end of their journey but i guess its also the end of my madness.... Im now just sticking to the remaining Idols, Big Bang, Super Junior and BTS. thats it!

To be CONTINUED with....

Korea Trip Day 9 : The Finale Day!


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