Korea Trip Day 6 SEOUL : Gangchon Rail Park & Dongdaemun 24 hours Shopping District


Omo this visit was back in 2 years ago, specifically on October 2015. SEOUL is literally the 3rd part of my Korea trip. you may check on the previous post BUSAN DAY 1 , JEJU DAY 1 or SEOUL DAY 1 Again, in total we spent 12 days in Korea, Busan (2D1N) then Jeju Island (4D3N) and our final stop was Seoul (6D5N)

inside the themed tunnel

absorbing the nature at my best LOL

It was so much of fun with them! from left, Amir, Tia, Me and Izwan. Al Fatihah to Allahyarham Hamdi (Orange shirt in the middle) =')

Gangchon Rail Park (Gimyujeong Station)

It was actually my friend's recommendation for us to include this Korean rail bike in our itinerary plus minus, it becomes so famous after featured on the popular reality show "Running Man". No hesitation, we took the challenge! hehe Kamsahamnida Jepah!

There are actually 10 rail bike parks in Korea, but this Gangchon Rail Park is the nearest from Seoul and located in "Gapyeong", the same area with Nami island and Petite France. yup, we were actually coming from Nami island which took us about 20 minutes by train.

How To Go?

Opt 1 : From Nami Island’s Ferry Wharf, take the taxi back to the Gapyeong Station.
Opt 2 : Take the “Kyeongchun Line” towards Galmae and stop at Gimyujeong Station (4 stops)
Opt 3 : The rail park can be seen from the train station and are around few minutes walking distance. 

Duration? 1.5 hour (for the whole ride) but expected overall time consumption is 2.5 hour

Operating hour? 9am to 6pm (and till 5pm during winter time)

Fare? 2 type of bike | 2 passenger KRW 24,000 per bike | 4 passenger KRW 34,000

The idea behind the existence of this place is brilliant; instead of abandoning the old railway tracks rotting away by time, they reinvent it to become a rail bike. Even though it’s quite tiring as we have to paddle the bike (like for real! haha) but the level is still not physically challenging for any ages. furthermore, the scenic nature view along the journey is so beautiful and very enjoyable to experience. so, worth the sweat!

Oh there’s even a short ride through the themed tunnel which is so lively. HAHA because they played the KPOP songs through speakers and colourful neon dancing together following the rythm.  Exciting! As usual, there are camera installed, so don’t forget to smile when you see the camera!

After reached the final point of rail bike, we are given few minutes of break time and then transferred to the scenery romantic train ride which you don't have to paddle anymore HAHA till the final point; Gangchon Station. From there you can take the provided shuttle bus going back to the main entrance, Gimyujeong Station.  Don't ask as you definitely need to include this "thing" in your itinerary too!

this was captured at about 11pm to 12am ?? meriah x? 24 hrs kan? nangis!

Dongdaemun Wholesale Market (24 hours shopping district)

The day still not over yet and the night still young, thus we decided to cover another place, Dongdaemun. Whilst in other part of the world, the shopkeepers are busy doing closing yet "Dongdaemun Wholesale Market" on the other hand just started their day! Local and tourist alike flocking this area either to buy, sell or some just passing by doing window shopping a.k.a just "cuci mata" like us. lol

Named as the largest shopping district, Dongdaemun Market has over 30 shopping centers and 30,000 stores with more than 50,000 manufacturing companies all in one spot! Basically, operating for 24 hours, the shopping malls and the wholesale retailers take turn to attract shoppers. source here

How To Go?

From Myeong-dong station, take Line 4 (towards Sadang Station) and stop at Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park Station (2 stops - est. time 5 minutes)

Operating hour? 10am to 6pm (malls) | 1am to 6pm (wholesale retailers)

Information center? in front of exit 14 of the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. 

everyone's fav, Banana Uyu !! (Banana Milk) Duit habis beli ni je! LOL
tu bukan beg balik kampung tu beg orang borong wholesale! LOL

There’s a lots of shopping malls, shops and stalls selling varieties of goods; fabric, clothes, jewelry, shoes, electronic etc. We’ve try to bargain few items that catch our eyes, but it is not easy to get a "cheap" price though as obviously, we are not local HAHA, not even good in Korean language and not intent to buy in bulk.

Well, most of the wholesale shops ONLY agree to sell their items if we go for minimum 2 units, otherwise they don't want to sell it. LOL and even, if they agree, the price is expensive and ridiculous. I remember buying 2 sweaters for a price of RM80+ for each! at a wholesale market! Hmmm...

Hence, our best advise if you are planning to come and shop, plan ahead what items you're looking for (because everything is here!) and do a bit research on the shops that you'd wish to go. Nah, check on this blog 7 Must Shop In Dongdaemun honestly, we're actually have zero expectation and zero intention of shopping since we're already super dehydrated playing this tourist game since early morning and visiting this district at 12am is already reached our fatigue point!

But undeniably, i was stunned looking at the chaotic situation and the traffic! although my watch shown that its already passed midnight. Dongdaemun still pack with shoppers who busy doing their negotiation, wholesale retailers super busy packing on bundle of clothes and there was us, got headache being in that messy atmosphere and just wanted to go home and rest! HAHA

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) at Night

In the midst of the big malls there’s stood a Korean’s prominent landmark Dongdaemun Gate and not far from it, there’s an amazing neofuturistic design building which designed by the famous late Zaha Hadid. Best known as the fashion hub in Seoul because this is the main venue for the annual Korea Fashion Week. OMG seeing this building through my naked eyes and being there for real are my #bucketlist checked!

Not just the building itself is so attractive, surrounded by 20,000 flower lights that shine the whole area is the valid reason why you should make a visit during a night time. it was so fascinating! i plan to make a special separate post of this iconic DDP featuring the day and the night look HAHA but don't know how long it will take to be published LOL just watch this space yo! thanks for reading :)

Written by TiaJamaluddin and SizzlingSuzai

To be CONTINUED with....


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