KINGSMAN 2 : The Golden Circle Review

First of all, thanks a lot @hangatdotcom for giving me a pair of pre-screening Kingman 2 which just officially and globally released to the public on 20th September 2017. Definitely, one of the most awaited film in the year of 2017! Yup i was super excited too! HAHA my Eggsy is back! LOL

OK lets straight away jump to the VERDICT : The most annoying thing when watching a sequel movie is we cant help from omit the feeling of higher expectation, right?? So assuredly, you will be distracted by the idea of the Kingsman 1 is much better and bla bla bla well, it is actually kinda unfair BECAUSE during that innocent moment you have zero expectation, you Wowed to every single details (yeah especially those mind-boggling gadgets and weapons and definitely, you simply couldn't read any signs.

Hence, why u should still go and watch this KINGSMAN 2 ?? : A sequel means you desperately need to know what happened to all those main characters in the aftermath of 'saving the world' in the Kingsman 1; Eggsy, Harry, Merlin, Roxy, the Sweedish Princess and even J.B (the dog)! yup Mr HARRY HART, agent codename Galahad is still ALIVE but err not as kicking as in the Kingsman 1 because.... Auch i really don't wanna be a spoiler, you need to watch this and find the answer yourself!

Besides, you gonna meet new characters played by such a big name in Hollywood; Channing tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Elthon John HAHA dia pon nak jugak! LOL he plays the role of himself and hell yeah, this character is acceptably hilarious! and then, discovering another organization named as STATESMAN is undeniably quite interesting.

Still remember the mind-blowing church's fighting scene in the episode 1?? No fret, here the fighting scenes are so far as cool as in the previous one though that church scene still a top-ranked HAHA yet my favourite scene would be the final one in the "Poppy land". well, rocking songs still accompanying Eggsy's slo-mo moves which for me, those scenes are still enjoyable to watch although some people might find it identical?? 

Lastly, Gosh Eggsy is still looking super handsome in the traditional dapper suits and perfectly wearing his suave demeanour. never failed me yet! Oh i swear i couldn't wait for the Kingsman 3 just to watch him growing and becoming hotter! LOL

The boring things are : AGAIN, the world held hostage by a world's largest drug cartel who try to conquer the world which later separating 'killing virus' and eventually forcing the Mr President to follow their rules as the only antidotes is with them..... hmmmm.... sounds nothing different with that Valentine's 'neurological wave' huh? 

This installment also involving Eggsy's love life (yup with the Princess Tilde from the very last scene of Kingsman 1!) it seemed wasted because we all thought that last jail's scene was just a joke??? i was also quite surprised to see the Princess character is included in this sequel and being exaggerated defined LOL plus i really don't feel that she suits with Eggsy lah, she looks older! c'mon new heroin please??? HAHA

Oh you won't expect this, we feel the movie is too long! again, personally i think its not a good sign though not saying the movie is dull, the whole movie is really fun to watch. perhaps, lot of reviews also agree that 141 minutes runtimes is quite heavy and tiresome to watch. err i guess should blame the tedious subplots here and there.

The only advice : Do not allow the KINGSMAN 1 overshadowing your mind whilst watching this 2nd episode. Oh c'mon give it a chance dude!!

Personal Rank : 3.99 out 5

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  1. Untunglah dah tengok. Kite ni belum sempat lagi nak tengok movie. Uhuk uhuk!

    1. awk sombong xmo blk msia tgk ngn sy sni! HAHHAHAHA padan muka!

  2. Kita dah tengok and pada kita boleh bagi 3.7 bintang! eggsy!!!!

    1. hahhaha sbb eggsy maintain HOT je kan klu x mahu 1 bintang je u kasi! LOL


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