Look #283 - #Saturdate

Waafaa scarf / FZK Top / Bershka Pants / Michael Kors Bag / Unbranded shoes

Holla! yey weekend is approaching! well, let me randomly sharing my last Saturday's look with you. perhaps this could be a humble idea on how to werk your coming Saturday too. ultimate comfy and easy-breezy are the two essential elements that i always have in my mind whenever i plan to go out and about with my dear friends.

That top is from Fitri Zainal (@officialFZK) which the material is very light and cosy. the simple and nonchalant design is absolutely perfect for a casual hang out. Oh i love the bottom part of the top and the slim cutting sleeves of it.

White pants? rare huh? undeniably, the slim fit trimming at the end helps me to look slander and slimmer. a very nice pants i should say, go and find it at Bershka! hopefully it is still there lol then, as for the scarf, i purposely opted for a contrast colour as to create a pop up effect and avoiding dullness to the whole outfit. thanks for reading loves! :)

Photographed by SabbyPrue


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