ZAHARA Cosmetics Holiday Beauty Sets - Romance Warrior

OK A bit introduction before we go further, Zahara Cosmetics is a beautiful creation by two sisters from Singapore. "Beauty, Faith, Love" Introducing the Halal high performance cosmetics that combine faith and beauty to craft the perfect makeup line for muslim women.

Claimed to be perfect for A modern-day Cleopatra with reds and golds as her go-to colours, the Romance Warrior is a strong beauty and bold. Truthfully, Im so much flattered as Zahara Cosmetics clearly know me very well when they gave this "Romance Warrior" instead of the other 3 makeup looks as i know i can pull this better. hopefully you guys are loving the look though as much as i do! hehe

This vintage romance eyeshadow palette is simply nice and pigmented enough (for me!) yet the finishing is not shimmery. as easy as, i just highlighting the innerside with shade no.1 then, mixing the colour no.2 and no.3 from the outer corner of the eyes towards the center. ok admittedly i got this bad habit when i always tend to brush out the darker colour to the whole eyes and finally, its overshadowing the lighter colour. thats explaining the messy result above. lol

Anyhow, i love the colour no.4 so much as it is perfect as a contouring. haha yup i use it on both below my cheekbones and on the nose. ops sorry couldn't really see the result as im still so weak in mastering the arts of contouring and highlighting but trust me it works well. its ok practice makes perfect right?

Oh let me highlight this super matte lipscream in dangerous red is absolutely a perfect match for a romantic look! the texture is rich and seriously matte as it will take no time to dry once you applied it on the lips. hey, you really need a 'waterproof makeup remover' to ultimately remove it. pencil your lips beforehand is a brilliant idea since in the same time it helps to avoid smudging. haha honestly, i didn't do it and thats explaining the blot finishing. i truly love this and yup, you should get this lippie too! code colour is Warrior and cost of $22.

Fifth Avenue Princess Set $49

Golden Goddess Set $49

Mystery Muse Set $49

Romance Warrior Set $49

There are actually 4 distinct looks: Mystery Muse, Golden Goddess, Fifth Avenue Princess and Romance Warrior. Each set contains of contains one Longwear Eyeliner, one Quattro Eyeshadow Palette, one Matte Lipcream and one Oxygen Nail Polish in complementary shades. yup i havent try the nail polish yet, surely will share it soon in a separate post.

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  1. uuuuu~ Nice try kak jujai. that lip color soo red! Pika macam takde lagi yang tu. will get it later~


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