Look #262 - How To Wear A Puffy Top

Aere Top / Marnea KL Pants / The Stylitude Clutch / Aldo Clog

Hello! OMG im so sorry for this long hiatus! as usual im just too busy with my working life and the blogging mood faded just like that but still manage to attend few events and working out on few blogging jobs. Alhamdulillah for those who keep on trusting this humble blog, im so much overwhelming!

Nah, this outfit was taken back in few weeks ago. the top is from Aere (via Modvier Bangsar). specifically, the name is Levana Jacquard Puffy Top Black Silver Colour which the price tag is RM199.90. obviously, this masterpiece is Aere's signature from their latest collection which actually comes with a matching pants.

That sleek wide legs pants is from Marnea KL. Oh i love the cutting so much as it helps to slander my legs. honestly, its quite long for my height and thats explaining the platform clog underneath it but indirectly thats the best way to wear a wide leg pants!

Puffy Top already bulky enough for my petite shape, so i need some structured garment to balance the whole look. that is another reason why i opted for this kinda pants. yup desperately i need to avoid wearing all big voluminous or bulky garments from top to bottom! Euw it surely gonna makes me look fatter and shorter lol

Tips and Tricks : Pair the wide leg pants with a skyhigh heels / platform as in to increase your height and in the same time the wide-cutting bottom part looks so much better :)

Tq mek selalu support i, cayang mek! nanti kita mamak lagi yar! #MuahBanyakCiked

Photographed by MekSuzie


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  1. baju ni cantik, tapi material dia buat kak jujai nampak besar la

    1. hahaha kan thats the risk lah dear kan, tq lyzzzzz muahbykciked!


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