HALAL Chinese Restaurant at China Treasure, SDCC For CNY

China Treasure Restaurant, Sime Darby Convention Centre


GONG XI! GONG XI! to all my lovely friends and dear followers as today's date, 28th Jan 2017 marked the Lunar Year festive in the Chinese calendar. annually, my company was having our own celebration where this time it was a #CNY2017 Annual Lunch at the JAKIM Halal-certified restaurant, China Treasure in Sime Darby Convention Centre. will try my best to get the copy of the certificate soon yar. thanks to my dear babe who suggested this place and here is my simple review and overall experience of the whole course.


Salmon fish & Crystal Pear Prosperity "Yee Sang"

claimed by my lady boss, this is very nice! as a non-chinese i couldn't really determine whats exactly the best yee sang but yup this is nice though its quite a bit too sweet to my tastebuds well after cleaned up the whole plate! haha

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup With Dried Scallop and Ginseng Root

This is absolutely a new thing to me! quite scary to look at the dark chicken yet as a curious me, the meat taste just like a normal chicken meat but to be fair, it is tenderer. the whole soup is very very pleasant, not overpower by ajinomoto LOL and that scallop, i feel like i was eating a chicken's skin HAHA and it does look like a chicken's skin to me leyh!

Roasted Golden Sesame Seed Chicken Served With Vietnamese Dressing

OMG this is absolutely my favourite! ive never tasted this kinda cook before and honestly, i was so aroused over this while looking at the menu and yey, as expected this dish is real good! OK the chicken is crunchy outside but tender inside. the sesame seed is surprisingly go very well with chicken? then the sweet dressing is completing the dish perfectly! im so gonna find the recipe and try to cook this!

Steamed Live Grouper In Shanghai Style

One thing about Chinese cuisine, the food presentation always win! as for this dish, it tasted like a normal steamed fish with that soy sauce. the fish is undeniably so fresh yet i have no further comment on this.

Tiger Prawns With Assam Sauce Nyonya Style

OK another new dish to me because i usually enjoyed the prawns cook with sambal, tempoyak, gulai (coconut milk), buttered or deep fried but haven't yet with assam sauce before. surprisingly, the prawns go well with Assam and the sweet juice coming from the pineapple. gosh, we all agree that it will be more fun to eat this with plain rice! haha a Malay typical mind setting lol

Braised Black Moss Roll & Beancurd With Chinese Cabbage

Nothing special about this one yet im so curious on what is exactly the 'black moss roll' LOL haha still fail to distinguish yet the beancurd or also known as Tofu is just nice (yup everything about the foods is just so nice!) and some of it contain meat inside (if im not mistaken lol) and they are all well-blended with the oyster sauce. we were already too full at this moment HAHA hence, it must be effecting my review though!

Deep Fried CNY Money Bag

So cute! it looks like a 'sup bunjut' to us (Malay)! haha its a 1 mouthful size and im curious on whats inside. it depends, some put chicken minced and some meat HAHA and of course to those non-muslim they also put pork minched LOL and the taste is crispy and sweet. not overpower sweet, again it is just nice and yey if im not yet full i can have this like 5 or more but during this dining, i only ate 1 LOL so rugi to think that now! 

Chilled Alyu Jelly and Longan With Lemongrass Lime Syrup

Very refreshing and perfect to close the whole course!


foods : 4.8/5 (everything are nice and yey HALAL!)

ambiance : 3/5 (quite pack. tables are too close with each other not convenient for a company occasion although we were like just 2 tables but still.. its better to book the private room besides this hall)

service: 4/5 (staffs are good and helpful but it just that you need to walk-in pay the deposit like 3 days before the booking date)

location : 4/5 (in Bukit Kiara, just besides the KLGCC. not much people during lunch hour so, less hassle and yey FREE parking is just too great!)

FYI the cost of this dining package is RM 1,388 (10 persons serving per table)


the big boss and the lengchai haha

the lady boss and the lenglui haha

My kind-hearted and sempoi boss. hehe i won the speaker for my lucky draw! yey!

We are a small and developing company, from me being the only girl and see, i got so many 'competitors' now HAHA but we are all very close and i'd say we love each other though. 4 years plus  and still counting with Benima is enjoyable! yup assuredly, we got ups and downs but i guess we managed to go through it as i've not yet thinking of leaving. i just gonna cherish each moment in here. thanks Mr Sim and thanks Ally :)

Note : Hey guys from China Treasure of Sime Darby Convention Centre, you may include me in you media loop for the next CNY 2018 and onwards food review and promotion yar! hehe xia xia

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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