Look #215 - Su X Su

On Me : Scarf from WM.Scarf  / Top and Jogger from HM / Sandal from Vincci

"A day spent with a best friend is always A day well spent"

She is Susu, she is a blogger too! go and visit her blog at SusuGoodday hehe well i promise you will love her cutie artsy little page tu. Reminiscing our friendship, back in 2010, we barely know each other as we continuously paid a visit to one another. it was full of sincerity and fun back then. a total differ feeling with the current blogging scene to be compared with. ok ok to be fair, there are pro and con lah but hey, see we are now a REAL bestie ok. wasn't expecting that Alhamdulillah Allah temukan saya dengan orang baik baik =')

Hehe thanks for being a good friend of mine, i lap you Susu and till our next Mamak date ok? haha pulangkan balik inner saya! haha Har dia letak muka kita besaq besaq kat blog dia ye... instead of Saman i curi gambar you tempel kat sini besaq besaq pulak! HAHAHHA padan muka Susu so now, we are tie 1-1 ok! hahaha

More on the look. so this is our interpretation of a Casual Saturday Look. very relaxing, not trying too hard and stay stylish in our own way. hehe baju susu yang cantik tu katanya dari Uniqlo ok :)

Photo courtesy of SusuGoodday


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  1. Kak Susu! wahhh.. Lama tak jumpa diaaaa~

    1. Adikk!! yalaa..kita patut lepak mamak sama2 dengan Suzai. tehee.

  2. Alaaaaa. jumpa sue ke!!! Ida suka Sue, tapi tak pernah2 jumpa. Hahaha. Suka bca blog dia. Hehehe

    1. helloooo Idayyyy! Mari ikut Sue makan roti dekat mamak nak takkk?

  3. hahahah.
    Okay this is cute tho, Suzai.
    May this friendship will lasts forever.
    Glad to know you too Suzai.


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